Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Onofiok Luke, ors inducted as Ibom Patriots

Onofiok Luke, ors inducted as Ibom Patriots

Onofiok Luke, ors inducted as Ibom Patriots


The speaking Speaker of the Akwa Ibom 6th House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke and his thirty colleagues were Tuesday, March 27 welcomed into the swelling rank of the elite socio-political group, Ibom Patriots.

The event which took place at the House of Assembly Complex, Uyo, was a culmination of the decision taken by the socio-political group, Ibom Patriots, before embarking on its courtesy call to the 6th Assembly.

Speaking at the courtesy call, The Chancellor and leader of the organization, Obong Bassey Imaeyen said he and other members of the group were there to introduce themselves and their group to the honourable House.

Obong Inuaeyan stressed that not much could be achieved politically and developmentally in a state like Akwa Ibom without recognizing and acknowledging the House of Assembly.

The Chancellor revealed that the goal of the group was to ensure unity, equity and fair play in Akwa Ibom and the nation at large. He said it was also the objective of the group to evolve great support to the 6th Assembly and State Government stressing that both deserves their support in the light of their performance.

“ The reason for our visit to you include coming to thank you for the great job you are doing for this state. We acknowledge you. We also thank you for your support to Governor Udom Emmanuel. We really appreciate you. We urge you to continue the good work and the cordial relationship you have with the executive.
Obong Inuaeyen further said the State Governor was a grand patriot of the group. He said the position was conferred on him having exhibited good qualities expected of a great leader and these qualities had endeared the governor to them.

“Governor Udom Emmanuel is our grand patriot. He has displayed good qualities expected of a great leader and this has endeared him to the group. This reason ensured his enlistment as our grand patriot.

He is a man we all should celebrate and support. At all times God always give his people a leader to lead them at a particular time. At this time of recession we are lucky to have him.”

He urged the speaker and members of the Assembly to continue their support to the governor beyond 2019.

In his response, Speaker Onofiok Luke said it was God who has given the House the enablement to achieve what it has so far attained. The Speaker said their decision to shift aside the routine Tuesday sitting to rather receive the Ibom Patriots was a clear sign of the respect they have for the group.

Hon. Onofiok Luke said they accepted to receive the group because it was made up of people of good character and high integrity. Hear him: “ We don’t engage on any other activity on a Tuesday morning other than our routine sitting. For us therefore to receive you this morning shows the respect we have for you and your group.”

The speaking Speaker said it was time for people to push aside their interests and rather work for the collective interests of the state. He urged members of the group to rise above partisanship and support the government wholeheartedly to ensure development and growth.

High point of the event was the decoration of the speaker, Rt. Hon Onofiok Luke with Ibom Patriots mantle and appurtenances by the Chancellor, Obong Bassey Inuaeyen.

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