Thursday, 26 April 2018


Ibeno Beach Is Very Safe For Recreational Activities

(Charles was only making  distressed statements, says Ibeno Chairman

The Chairman of Ibeno Local Government Area has described as a wild virus spread on Newspapers, Online news platforms and social media platforms against the image of Ibeno beach and the local government area by extension. Special Adviser to the Chairman on Media and Publicity Victor Ibok stated this in a release made available to THE INK reporter in Uyo.

He said, it is often said that "an un replied lie will naturally assume the status of a truth
 Hence, I  write with specific emphasis on the publication found on (an online news medium) on the 12th April 2018, with the caption " Uyo Skye Bank Manager drowns at Ibeno beach, unfit for fun" .

My concern In the publication, lies in the following statements made by one Charles, identified to be the sibling of the deceased.

According to Charles: " If we had any iota of doubt that the beach was not 100 per cent safe, we would not have gone there. Where we were was sandy".

" I don't believe in mystical power. Maybe an oceanographer may have an explanation for what happened. But that beach is unsafe for any form of recreational activity" .

It is worthy of note that the said Charles as at the time of the statements was psychologically traumatized owing to the fact that he is bereaved.
Such statements are purely distressful and of cause from an unstable mind.

Howbeit, it is not also a justification to make unguided statements.

Although there are no better justifications as to why human life should be lost, it is also wrong for Charles to say that 
" Ibeno beach is unsafe for any form of recreational activity ".

Charles lacks the authority to make such a statement, as he is neither an oceanographer (like he rightly said), a professional diver nor a maritime safety personnel to know the nitty-gritty of the beach, this to a large extent could have contributed to the drowning of his siblings as they too lacked the above stated knowledge.

We should not  forget in a hurry that the said Ibeno beach that is unsafe according to Charles, on the 27 December 2017, hosted over twenty thousand Nigerians on Ukapisua mega beach party, amongst whom where captains of industries, top ranking politicians and high profiled individuals from all walks of life, yet no casualty was recorded.

The same beach that is "unfit for fun"  plays host to tourism enthusiasts on daily basis, yet no life has been lost.

The tragic incident of Charles brothers' demise could be connected to the fact that they lacked the basic knowledge about the beach, its current and other related factors.
Ibeno beach drowned brothers - Community calls for security measures

And that should not be used to discredit or tarnish the long standing performance of the facility with the view of creating fear and panic in the minds of the gullible public.

"The fact that we see accident everyday on our roads doesn't make the road and unsafe place for driving "

I hereby assert that Ibeno beach is still very safe for all sort of recreational activity deemed fit, and I also appreciate Akwa Ibomites for their continued patronage while calling on intending tourists to visit the facility.

The Ibeno Local Government Council Chairman, Rt. Hon. Ifum Henry Udoh, and the beach management committee, are putting practical measures in place in form of coast and water guards to further ensure optimum safety of tourists and to avert future casualties at the beach.

We however sympathize with Ubongs' family and we pray the Almighty God to grant them the fortitude to bare the loose.

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