Wednesday, 4 April 2018

I came to AKHA with a genuine passion to liberate Nsit Atai - Mark Esset

I came to AKHA with a genuine passion to liberate Nsit Atai - Mark Esset

I came to AKHA with a genuine passion to liberate Nsit Atai - Mark Esset

The member representing Nsit Atai Constituency in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Hon. Mark Esset has said that he came to the House of Assembly with a genuine passion to liberate Nsit Atai Local Government Area.

Esset, who was speaking at his Constituency briefing last Tuesday at Methodist Central school, Odot, noted that he will continue to ensure that every community in the constituency is touched and that loyalists would be duly rewarded.

According to him, “I urge us all to continue to support His Excellency our Governor, as this will spur him to do even more for Nsit Atai in particular and Akwa Ibom State in general.
Most importantly, I ask for your prayers, pray for the success of government at every level, pray for our leaders and the future leaders of Nsit Atai to continue to do more for us.

I thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you and I promise to faithfully hold this mandate in trust for you.”

“His Excellency Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel and our dear mother Her Excellency Deaconess Martha Udom Emmanuel, my Governor, my father, the man who has shown dedication and selflessness in his leadership style, your exemplary approach to governance has brought sustainable developmental strides in the various sectors of the economy for the Akwa Ibom person.

I am encouraged daily by your sincerity of purpose, and l’m determined to continue to contribute within my capacity any where I find myself to the development of my people. I have chosen to rise with you and every other Akwa Ibom child to greatness under your leadership.
Thank you sir most especially for the love you have for Nsit Atai people and for always being there for us.”

He thanked all the Elders of Nsit Atai especially the political leader, Otuekong Raphael Bassey for his counsel, support and prayers,saying he cannot forget the confidence Nsit Atai people as a whole have in him even as he promised never let Nsit Atai down.

He added “I am immensely grateful, to our party the largest political party, the PDP, the state Chairman, Obong Paul Ekpo, other members of the State Executive of the party, the chapter and the ward executives and our teaming supporters who so generously contributed their time, efforts and resources to our campaigns from the primaries to the general elections in 2015.”

“Our faith tells us to believe in tomorrow; that together we can make tomorrow better than yesterday. It is this faith in our collective abilities that teaches us that there are more things that unites us than those that divides us, it is this faith that allows us to be able to trust in the infinite goodness of God, my brothers and sisters, it is this faith that will help us to change Nsit Atai for good and even better.”

Continuing, “We are not perfect and may not have gotten everything right every time but our record stands out as a beacon.
In my representation I have made it clear that power belongs to the people and I have ensured that the people are given their pride of place. I make sure that your ideas, your concerns and aspirations are reflected in my decisions even at the floor of the house.”

He maintained that over the years, he had worked diligently to live up to the promises he made during my campaigns, to build a better future for Nsit Atai, to uplift the poor, to empower the underprivileged and create wealth in the smallest capacity he can.

In lawmaking, Hon. Mark Esset said within the interval, he had co-sponsored thirteen private member bills namely: a bill for a law to establish the consumer protection agency, to provide for the protection of the interest of consumers, settlement of consumer disputes and for connected purposes, a bill to make provision for local government administration law in Akwa Ibom State and matters connected therewith and a bill for a law to implement a sustainable Youth Policy Framework through the establishment of Akwa Ibom youth Development Fund and other matters connected herewith.

Others are: a bill for a law to amend the Akwa Ibom State college of Arts and Science Law, a bill for a law to regulate and control Cattle Grazing in Akwa Ibom State and other matters connected herewith, a bill for a law for the protection of investors and investment in Akwa Ibom State and other matters connected therewith, a bill for a law to protect the physically challenge person against all forms of discrimination and to provide for equal opportunity to all, a bill for a law to amend the newspaper law and for other matters connected therewith, among others.

He further said that the has moved three motions at the floor of the house under matters of urgent public importance, which are: a motion on the need to stop the abuse of traditional injunctions by some village heads, a motion on the need to recognize Ibedu, Essien Itiaba, Ibia Ikot, and Ndisiak Clans of Nsit Atai local government area by the state government and motion on the outbreak of herbivorous and crop disease in Akwa Ibom State.

On oversight functions, the lawmaker pointed out that he had served in three different house committees as chairman.

First, as chairman committee on agriculture and natural resources, later as the chairman, house committee on Commerce and Industry and now chairman committee on boundary and conflict resolution.

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