Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Etinan National Assembly: Sam Ikon attacks Uwanta

Etinan National Assembly: Sam Ikon attacks Uwanta
Etinan National Assembly: Sam Ikon attacks Uwanta

In an apparent show of rage, supporters of Mr. Sam Ikon, House of Representative member for Etinan Federal constituency have thrown stones at the Chairman of Akwa Ibom House of Assembly Service commission Andrew Uwanta. 

THE INK gathered from very competent sources that Ikon had informed members of his kitchen cabinet that if he will forgive any other person not supporting his ambition to return to the green Chambers, definitely not Uwanta. 

He is said to have described Uwanta as a dishonest, wicked and self centred politician who despite what he has done and influence for him has refused to support him to return to the House of Representatives. 

Our reporter gathered that Ikon specifically told his ground men that he single handedly ensured that Uwanta’s child was given a job with the federal Government. He said the job is pensionable and will serve the boy and his family for the rest of their lives. 

Apart from that, sources who were privy to the meeting held at the instance of Ikon informed our reporter that the ex Speaker added that his grouse again with Uwanta is that the ACA man had promised to stand with him to the end if the election and had demanded for one hundred million naira.

But Ikon is said to have given him the sum of seventy million naira. This according g to sources made Ikon feel that Uwanta will support him.
However, the former Speaker is said to be infuriated when it dawned on him that Uwanta has since pitched his tent with Barr Onofiok Luke his arch political rival and the Speaker of the House of Assembly despite the alleged sum of seventy million naira he got and the job given to his child by Sam Ikon. 

The House of Representative hopeful is said to have in a meeting lambasted Uwanta stressing that he can never forgive his kinsman for treating him with such level of dishonesty and recklessness. 

Meanwhile, the Bishop Andrew Uwanta had denied receiving favours from Sam Ikon. In a response to an SMS sent by our reporter, Uwanta described IKON’s men and their position as a blackmail. 

Uwanta who made a scornful remark against Sam Ikon and members of his team had queried why the ex Speaker and his promoters are interested in his support. In an SMS, he said, “It’s all blackmail. Why is my support so important to them. 

Sam Ikon refused to reply to SMS sent to him on the state of the matter fuelling the speculation that he may have opened the attack on Uwanta after the ACA man had declined supporting him.

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