Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Itu PDP stakeholders did not endorse Hon. Henry Archibong for a second term- Obong Dr.Nsima Edet

Itu PDP stakeholders did not endorse Hon. Henry Archibong for a second term- Obong Dr.Nsima Edet

A former chairman of Itu local government area,Obong Nsima Akpan Edet has debunked the false and misleading  story circulating on the social media,that he and other stakeholders from ITU local government, had on Saturday 31st,2018 met and had a breakfast meeting with the member representing Itu- Ibiono Federal Constituency Dr. Henry Archibong, and subsequently endorsed him for a second term.

Nsima who was very upset that his name was mentioned ,along with other stakeholders in a story published on online fora, about Dr. Henry Archibong's endorsement by the stakeholders, said that at no time did the stakeholders during the meeting that was held on Saturday at the residence of Hon. Archibong,talked about supporting him for a second term.

" It is true that there was a meeting at the residence of Hon. Henry Archibong on Saturday, which he said was an easter get together for some stakeholders from Itu,which I was in attendance, but we did not declare support for the Itu- Ibiono Federal lawmaker, because the meeting was not an endorsement meeting, so for some mischief makers to sponsor such a misleading story,when the lawmaker has not even consulted the party or the stakeholders personally on his reelection bid,is highly mischievous " Dr. Nsima Edet said.

He further stated that,he was called upon to set the tone for  the meeting,which he did ,as one who believes in the progress of Itu local government ,as well as the Federal Constituency at all times,and one who stands for truth, justice and fair play. According to him,till the meeting ended, the stakeholders at the meeting were addressing the lawmaker,Hon. Henry Archibong as one who had abandoned the people who voted for him,and distanced himself from them.

" I have played the politics of Itu local government and Akwa Ibom State, since the days of SDP and NRC,so nobody should use my name and play unnecessary politics, just for their selfish interest,because Dr. Henry Archibong has not consulted me that he is interested for  reelection" Dr. Nsima

The said breakfast meeting attended by some PDP stakeholders generally agreed on the benefits of having a ranking member in parliament but noted that,the representation of Dr. Henry Archibong is below average, and as such should not be encouraged.

" Hon. Henry Archibong had in his opening remarks  said that the meeting was just a breakfast meeting, not a political meeting,so all we did was to advise him to consult other groups in Itu,and come out to properly brief the people on his intention to seek reelection,so for anybody to come and write a story that Itu PDP stakeholders endorsed and promised to support Hon. Henry Archibong for a second term is total falsehood, which can never hold water" -  Dr. Nsima Akpan Edet.

Dr. Nsima Edet further observed that Hon Henry Archibong at the stakeholders meeting, blamed his failure to attract projects to his constituency on the fact that he is a first timer at the National Assembly, saying that there is  so much lobbying at the National Assembly to do,before one could attract projects to his constituency.

Yet,the lawmaker has acquired so much capital projects for himself,and did not wait for a second term to acquire them,like his massive hospital project at Ikot Akpan Abia. It is really sad that Itu- Ibiono Federal Constituency has to wait for an utopian second term to benefit from the  representation of Dr. Archibong.  Hence,this is like putting the cart before the horse.

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