Tuesday, 6 February 2018

I have no intention of constructing a mosque in Syringe Company – Gulabi, MD

I have no intention of constructing a mosque in Syringe Company – Gulabi, MD


Local Workers at the Jubilee Syringe Manufacturing Company(JSM) have not only succeeded in making a jest of their misunderstanding of the industrialization agenda of  Governor Udom Emmanuel, but have misconstrued management’s efforts at improving their technical know-how on syringe production as a way to convert them to Islamic Religion.

JSM worker’s accusation became a public outburst, January 29th during a phone- in segment on Planet 101.1 FM.

It could be recalled that a caller, reportedly said to be a worker at JSM, laid claims to the construction of a mosque in the company’s premises, and efforts made by the management of the company to compel staff to worship in the mosque.

Adding to the claim, the caller said Management set Saturday and Sunday as work days.

But in a swift reaction to the rumour, the Managing Director of JSM located at Awa, Onna Local Government Area, Zubeyir Gulabi who reacted to the claims allegedly made by one of the aggrieved workers, Friday dismissed it as false, adding that he had no such intention.

 However, shortly after a conscientious tour round the premises same day to ascertain the validity of both claims, THE INK accurately can attest that there is no mosque erected at Jubilee Syringe Manufacturing Company.

Interacting with newsmen, the MD said there is no mosque constructed at Jubilee Syringe Manufacturing Company. “I and my colleagues have no intention, interest in constructing a mosque or converting workers to Moslems” he emphasized.

“I do not believe in religious discrimination. I go to the church despite my religion and it doesn’t change my religion. We are worshipping the same God”.

“We didn’t come here for religious purposes or nationalistic purposes, we are here for business, we are here because of His Excellency’s industrialization policy”.

The Turkish born MD noted that training of staff was the sole aim of the management as against the claim of compelling the community recruit to work on Sunday.

Gulabi while giving explanation on the choice of the days said “We bought machines in Australia, South Korea, Turkey, Italy, France and at the supply of the machines, it is an obligation for them to come and train us on the machines”.

“Two South Korean and one Turkish engineer came in last week about to leave this week Tuesday, so we wanted to use this opportunity in training our workers. I said Saturday and Sunday for the training purposes but due to the environmental sanitation on that Saturday and for the fact that some workers come from Uyo to work, it did not work out. We have never worked on weekends”.

Reiterating on the essence of training the workers, Gulabi recalled that at a time in May 2017, some indigenous engineers were trained in Istanbul and Turkey and presently while efforts are being made towards training the recruits left in the company, according to him 12 engineers have been sent to Turkey for training.

 “We have sent 12 engineers to Turkey. One from Lagos, 6 from the host community and 5 from other places in Akwa Ibom State,” he stressed.

Gulabi frowned at actions and degrading attitudes of the aggrieved workers towards the industrial sector, noting the development by the workers to stem from the fact that they are new in the system and in two years to come, they would be better acquainted with the industrialization policy and system.

He commended the moves taken by His Excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel to ensure that Akwa Ibom State turns an industrialization hub which will keep citizens well equipped to fit into the ever changing and competitive industrial world.

The Chief Security Officer Babayola Udoh, an indigene of the community and ardent believer in the Christian faith, added that there was no mosque built in the premises and had no knowledge of such plans by the management.

He advised that rather than causing chaos and rancour in the premises and cooking up lies, the workers should grasp the opportunity at their disposal by directing efforts positively to the growth of JSM.

Also speaking, BabaJide Kotun who identified as a Moslem said he just returned from the mosque which was approximately two kilometers from the company, adding that if there was any mosque in the premises, he would not have bothered taking the stress to go that far.

Efforts made to speak with the workers proved abortive as none was ready to speak.

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