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Aniefiok Dennis: A recap of an Achiever’s Scorecard

Aniefiok Dennis: A recap of an Achiever’s Scorecard

There is a huge difference between pretenders and performers. A huge difference also demarcates excellence from mediocrity.  Mediocrity breeds passivity; excellence breeds impact. Mediocres falter; performers soar.  Our contemporary society - especially the political sphere- is littered with stark examples of mediocrity and excellence. While some public office holders reward the confidence reposed in them by bettering the lives of the populace, others, out of sheer greed and other ill motives, use the opportunities to plunder and betray the trust of the citizenry.

While the never-do-well public officials are despised by the masses, the do-well public officials always receive copious encomiums. Dear readers, after thorough assessment, yours truly can place Hon. Barr. Aniefiok Dennis into the dignified list of performing men who have imprinted their names in gold in the hearts of myriad persons.  
Make no mistake, this piece, for want of space, will not chronicle the positive exploits of this philanthropist when he served former Governor Godswill Akpabio as Senior Special Assistant on Legal Matters and Documentation. This is rather an attempt to tell the impact-laden story of a man who was sent to represent his constituency at the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly. And he, in spite of the brevity of his stay at the Assembly recorded tangible achievements, not for himself, but for the constituency. 

When this great Iman Ibom son won a landslide victory in the Assembly poll, the people rejoiced having declared unanimously that verily “Barr. Dennis, afo ke Iman eyem”, meaning Barr. Dennis, you are the choice of Iman Ibom people. Post election, he called everyone to join hands in rebuilding and charting a productive course for the constituency.

Of a truth, a gold fish has no hiding place. Stars don’t struggle to shine. Diamonds don’t struggle to sparkle. A performer is a performer anytime, any day! From his day one at the Assembly, Barr. Dennis wowed everyone by exhibiting sterling qualities and contributing excellently during discourses. And in spite of being a first timer, he emerged as the Deputy House Leader.  It is on record that he discharged his duties effectively. 

Barr. Dennis instantly became a vibrant voice in the Assembly. Apart from lending cerebral thoughts on goings-on in the parliament, he sponsored a bill to make a provision for Local Government Administration in Akwa Ibom State and Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015.

Also, having promised to turnaround the fortunes of his constituents, he started facilitating execution of tangible projects in the constituency. It is on record that within six months of his experience as a lawmaker, Barr. Dennis funded and commissioned water projects in the three wards of Etinan State Constituency, the benefiting villages being Ikot Obio Inyang (Northern Iman Ward 1), Ikot Akata Village (Etinan Urban Ward 5) and Efa (Southern Iman Ward 3). Of a truth, he was planning to facilitate more of such projects when the Appeal Court, in its wisdom or lack of it, ordered him to vacate office - a decision he has accepted in good faith because it is another ample opportunity for the constituents to have their say on who should be their representative.

Dear readers, Barr. Dennis’ philanthropic gesture knows no bounds. It is very much on record that within the tempestuous and litigation-marred six months, he kick started a project of bettering the state of public schools in the constituency with the first benefiting school being St. Theresa’s Secondary School Edem Ekpat, where he donated three (3) sets of computers to boost administrative, academic and Information Technology requirements of the institution. 

Barr. Dennis has also spearheaded the employment of countless indigenes in both the public and private sectors of the economy. Also , on his payroll, he presently has fifteen indigenes cutting across all wards in the constituency.
Also, my checks reveal that he has offered financial support to ten (10) law students of Etinan origin who were proceeding to the 2015/2016 session Bar II Courses of the Nigerian Law School (NLS).

Dear readers, continuing to reel more achievements of this iconic son of Iman Ibom may amount to over-flogging the issue. His track record of excellence is incomparable. His curriculum vitae is one which nobody or few will ever dare to challenge. And what is it that has not been said or written about this star of our political firmament? Everything said or written can be summed up in the fact that he came, saw and participated. His participation in positive endeavours has really made him to be a darling of his people.

Yes, Barr. Aniefiok Dennis Akpan remains a strong integer in the political equation of his constituency. He is one Iroko that cannot be felled. Like a mountain, he is well grounded. Like an eagle, he is soaring higher and higher with each passing. And from the look of things, he will win the rerun with an even more wider percentage. 

Of a truth, the loud voices of constituents chorusing Barr. Aniefiok Dennis Akpan, afo ke Iman eyem, has not faded. The sound keeps reverberating, and no force on earth can quieten it.

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