Wednesday, 19 November 2014

War in Essien Udim: Kinsmen write Akpabio, say Emman Akpan is a disgrace

The people of Essien Udim Local Government Area under the aegis of Essien Udim Youth Conscience has sent an open letter to Governor Godswill Akpabio saying that it is the turn of Udim political bloc in the area to produce the next House of Representatives member and not the Essien Annang bloc.

The body made this known in a release made available to THE INK reporter last Sunday. The group said, it is amazed and embarrassed by the rumours making the rounds that the Governor, Godswill Akpabio has anointed the member for Essien Udim state Constituency, Hon Emmanuel Akpan for the position come 2015.

The release noted that the people of Ikot Ekpene federal constituency will lost out in the scheme of things if Emmanuel Akpan is sent to the Federal House as her representative. It noted that Your Excellency we are pained in our hearts to communicate this to you. Please spare sometime and follow this voyage as it is borne out of the desire to ensure that there is continuous peace and tranquility in our local government area. 

Historically, the body said Essien Udim LGA has two political blocs which are Essien Annang and Udim. The Essien Annang has the following wards: Ukana West 1&2, Ikpe, Ukana East and Adiasim while the Udim bloc has Odoro Ikot I&II, Afaha, Ekpenyong I&II.

“Your Excellency, please permit us not to take you so much backwards but let us dwell on the present political scenario since 1999.

Kindly recall Sir that in 2003 when the House of Representatives slot for Ikot Ekpene/Essien Udim/Obot Akara Federal Constituency came to Essien Udim, the position was occupied by Late Barr. Nsini Umoso from Essien Annang bloc. And when we lost him to the cold hands of death, his aide, Hon. Sunyiekekere Inokon, still from Essien Annang bloc was elected to complete his tenure.
In 2015, the House of Representatives position will come back to Essien Udim and it is our believe that it is only fair for somebody from Udim bloc to occupy the seat”. Parts of the release observed.

The youths observed that they are angered by rumors making the rounds that you have directed and anointed our present member of the House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Sunday Akpan (EMSA), still from Essien Annang bloc to vie for that position as opposed to better and more qualified aspirants from Udim bloc. 

Your Excellency, you know that Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Sunday Akpan for the past seven and half years that he has been in the AKHA has been hiding under your coverage at the detriment of his constituent. Permit us to say that he has been a failure in legislative business. His voice has not always been heard. He is not only a disappointment but an embarrassment and a waste to the people of Essien Udim State Constituency. We regret having him there. 

Your Excellency, if in a House made of only Akwa Ibomites, Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Sunday Akpan’s voice could not be heard, what do you think will happen when through your machinery he gets to the House of Representatives which is made up of Nigerians of different classes and sizes. Your Excellency, to be candid with you, that man will be lost, he will automatically become deaf and dumb. And this is a man that is supposed to represent Ikot Ekpene Federal Constituency made up of three Local Government Areas.  

Dear Governor, if it is true that you are fronting this man, it is a great dis-service to your Fatherland, Essien Udim and posterity will never forgive you. 

They however prayed that, Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Sunday Akpan be asked to shut down his House of Representatives ambition as it is not going to do, Your Excellency, Essien Udim LGA and the entire Ikot Ekpene Federal Constituency any good. 

The group urged the Governor to choose either Mr. Emmanuel Iba or any other sound aspirant from Udim bloc for the position of Ikot Ekpene Federal Constituency for the sake of fairness, justice and equity as anything short of this will be stoutly resisted and we are afraid, it could lead to a breakdown of law and order in Essien Udim LGA. Your image and integrity will not be spared.

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