Friday, 23 March 2018

UKANA RECTOR GOES DIABOLICAL *Sneaks in native doctor for incantation in institution.


*Sneaks in native doctor for incantation in institution.

*fear as polytechnic may fold up

The last may not have been heard of the undercurrent happenings in Federal Polytechnic, Ukana, Essien Udim LGA, Akwa Ibom State.

Recent information gathered by THE INK reporter indicates that the Rector of the School Prof. Obomanu has gone spiritual in a bid to cause confusion amongst members of staff who are calling on him to be accountable after over 10billion naira cannot be accounted for by the embattled Rector.

It was also learnt that the Rector also wishes to elongate his tenure in the institution as the administrator.

Some members of the security team of the institution who spoke to our reporters in the school premises accused the Rector of arriving the school ladt week in company of a native doctor and led him through the institution pouring libations and making some incantations around all the nooks and premises of the Federal Polytechnic.

A security agent who narrated the ugly scenario to THE INK reporter said on the ninth of March, 2018, the Rector of our School Prof. Obomanu came to school with a man obviously a native doctor because of how he dressed.

When he arrived, we believe he schooled his guest with what he wanted him to do in and around the institution. After most staffers had gone, the Rector then came out with his native doctor who was not wearing anything on his leg and was clad in a white apron with a marked big sign of the cross in red.

Our sources added also that the native doctor had a big feather tied to the round traditional hat he was putting on his head and was moving around the institution with a calabash of water in his hand.

Eye witness account holds that as the native doctor was chanting his incantations, he was sprinkling a liquid substance on the floor of the institution using words in a vernacular that was not understandable to them.

THE INK gathered that as the native doctor was on his activities, the Rector was following closely behind and nodding his head occasionally.

The spiritual exercise, our reporter learnt took about five to seven minutes and immediately after that, the Rector is said to have zoomed off with his escort in company of the native doctor he brought to the school for the unauthorized spiritual exercise.

It could not be readily ascertained why the Rector could diminished into engaging in such acts of spirituality. But some senior staff of the institution who spoke with our newsdesk in Uyo over the weekend said, they have also been briefed of the ugly development by some security personnel who were on duty that day. They described the Rector's action as sad and capable of inflaming and bringing the image of the school into disrepute.

They also maintained that the Rector may be doing that to cover up on the monies he has embezzled from the school. Adding that Prof. Obomanu does not in any way seem to be remorseful about his high handedness and fraudulent practice in the institution.

Members of staff maintained further that ever since Jude Inyangetor led ASUP of the institution opened a can of worms against the Rector that all has not been well with both the Rector and his partner in crime, the bursar.

THE INK understands that the embattled duo of Rector Prof Obomanu and his Bursar Mr.........has been living in fear for they don't know what is waiting for them. Even as EFCC may be drafted into the matter as a last resort.

Meanwhile, THE INK can report matters of fact that if nothing is done urgently about the financial recklessness ongoing in the institution, that the Federal Polytechnic may cease to function as many staffers of the institution have resigned their appointment even as we learnt that no course in the institution have gained accreditation even on a partial basis.

The Rector of the institution Prof Obomanu refused to make comments when contacted on his introduction of diabolical means into the Polytechnic.

Spokesman of the institution Manasseh Umoette when contact said, he is not aware of anything diabolic involving the Rector and the institution.

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