Friday, 16 March 2018

AMORC, Pyrates, ors may drag Udom to court

AMORC, Pyrates, ors may drag Udom to court
Following the proscription of cultism        and cult related activities in Akwa Ibom State and listing them as members, groups like the Resicrussian Order popularly known as Amorc, National Association of SeaDogs alias Pyrates confraternity, Brothers Across Nigeria alias Buccaneers have all threatened to drag the Akwa Ibom State Government to court for listing them as a cult group and her members as cultists.

Intelligent information gathered by THE INK from the leadership of these groups indicate that when the announcement was made that the governor had proscribed these groups, the bodies were jittered and dumbfounded as according to them, they abhor and do not belong to any cult group.

For instance a strong member of Pyrates confraternity who confided in THE INK reporter said, it is funny how the Government of Akwa Ibom State would describe its organization as a cult group adding that everyone across the country and beyond know that it is not a cult group but a social organization that is into humanitarian services.
Our source further maintained that a meeting of the group was in the offing and one of the front burning issues to be discussed.

According to him, my brother, Pyrates is not a cult group and her members are not cultists and so listing us into the group so proscribed by the Governor is an affront on the organization and we cannot take it.

Our source maintained that the organization is into humanitarian services and therefore cannot be said to be a cult group.

Our source said, ever since the Governor made the pronouncement of proscribing their organization, that the National Association of SeaDogs have been thrown into disrepute and her members integrity put to bad light before members of the public.

He maintained that in the light of the embarrassment the Seadogs group have faced, they will however seek to redeem their image in the court of competent jurisdiction.

In separate interaction with our reporters, highly placed leaders of ARMOC said, it is a height of ridicule, embarrassment, bad omen and highly disrespectful for the administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel to mention them as a cult group. When according to him, we are an intellectual spiritual group with core values, beliefs and norms.

Our ARMOC source said the rate of blackmail that the group has faced ever since the Government of Akwa Ibom State mentioned them to the world as a cult group has skyrocketed and they have weigh every option and will have to go and clear the name of ARMOC in court.

He said, the Governor should prepare to meet us in court because he has tarnished our name and reputation of members. The people now see us as a threat and our lives under extreme danger after the Governor pronounced us as a cult group.

And since we can’t continue to live with this fear of being attacked, we will do the needful by taking the matter to court.

In a related development a member of BAN said, I don’t know who told the Governor that BAN is a cult group. We believed that the pronouncement by the Governor on us was made in error but most unfortunately the Governor and agents of his government is yet to apologize for such callous statement and since that is yet done, we are in court as soon as possible for our name to be cleared. We cannot be rubbished by anyone and pretend nothing is happening.

Findings by THE INK reveal that the court action may be instituted in unison by all aggrieved organizations and may be suing the Government for defamation and libel.

In the coming days, it remains to be seen how the matter will progress. But for now, all interest seem to be on the government on whether they will fall under the pressure of the aggrieved groups or not.

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