Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Sex Maniac: Akwa Ibom Commissioner for Economic Development has high Libido

Request girl (22), ors for nude photographs

If being a Commissioner in Akwa Ibom State enhances high libido and encourages immorality, then the girl child in Akwa Ibom State is not safe and sooner than later, Commissioner like Emmanuel Onwodiukit  who is alleged as not having the fear of God may turn their offices into a yard for quickie and use same to commit fornication against vulnerable female children.
Girl (20) names withheld by THE INK reporter had reported to our news desk how the Economic Development Commissioner Emmanuel Onwodiukit has been making sexual advancement towards her with promises of so many good things of life ranging from clothings, provisions and support in school arrangement.
Our reporter was informed that the Economic Development Commissioner does this through his chats with some female persons most of whom THE INK gathered are in their early twenties. One of the victims alleged that in a Whattsapp discussion, Emmanuel Onwodiukit who parades himself as a pastor of a church has asked for her nude picture.
Our Source said, the commissioner first started by requesting for a nice picture from her. She furthered that when the said picture was sent, Dr. Emmanuel Onwodiukit requested for another nice picture, she told our news desk that, she had sent another pose only for the commissioner to send another SMS that he needs a better photograph of her.
A request our source said, she obliged. But that the commissioner could not be satisfied. As he then came out straight saying in his Whatsapp chat to the girl “send me your nude picture” at this point, our source said she screamed and informed the commissioner through the Whatsapp chat that if he feels she belongs to the class of women that send nude pictures to men, no matter how highly placed, then he should have a rethink. This reaction the girl (22) said had infuriated Dr. Emmanuel Onwodiukit who hurriedly deleted her from the Whatsapp chat.
As uncomplimentary as this allegation against a revered commissioner would be, our reporter had set out to make more findings. But the responses from others seems to be corroborating the earlier position from the 22 year old girl.
Another person who spoke to THE INK gave her name simply as Lynda.
Lynda informed that her first encounter was with the commissioner was in his office where she went on an assignment from her office from one of the new generation banks. Lynda said the reception she and her colleagues got from the Economic Development Commissioner was quite civil but that she got disappointed when the commissioner began to make unholy requests from her.
She said” Emmanuel Onwodiukit that Economic Development Commissioner is a pretender” He carries his face as a very pure, good and holy man but inside him, he is not it.
He is a sex crazy man, imagine him asking me to come and have sex with him and if that insult was not too much, he said if I agree, I can choose to come with my friend, anyone he doesn’t know.
He didn’t even stop there, he gave me specification. That the girl should be slim (figure 8) and fair skinned in complexion.
Continuing, Lynda said the commissioner had the guts to tell her to send an advanced picture of the girl she wants to bring with to him.
An angry Lynda who refused her office name in print said when the request by the commissioner met her deafening ears, the Economic Development Commissioner sent her an apology on Whatsapp and said sorry, I didnt mean to hurt your feelings.
Lynda however described Emmanuel Onwodiukit as a crazy sex Maniac who is using his commissionership position to oppress the girl child and force his way into the body of unsuspecting, gullible and innocent female victims of his.
The Commissioner for Economic Development admitted to the crime but denied his involvement. He rather blamed it on persons trying to impersonate him using his facebook account. He described himself as a born again Christian

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  1. This is cheap blackmail without evidence. where are the chats.