Friday, 12 July 2013


If Governor Godswill Akpabio is today fanning himself that he has been able to give a facelift to the people of Nsit Ibom courtesy Enen Nsit road and that the Enen Nsit road’s rehabilitation will help to check the rate of crime in the area, then he is not living in the reality of times.

The road which was constructed by SINOENG under the Akpabio regime has actually helped commuters and other road users by easing their transportation challenges.  But unfortunately, Enen Nsit has since become another terrorist den and not fewer than seven lives must have been whisked away recently and some even in broad daylight as investigations has revealed.  

The rate of crime in the area had risen so high that some residents had sent SOS to the police calling on them to ensure a patrol of the region and beef up of security in the area.  The people who spoke to our crime reporter when the reporter visited the area informed that strangers that are always unlucky to be kidnapped along the area especially at Obiokpok Nsit have always had tale of woes to explain if they come out alive. 

 They added that some unlucky victims of the hoodlums never live to tell their story.  One of the text messages sent to the mobile phone of THE INK reads “please Mr. Editor, inform the Commissioner of Police in Akwa Ibom State that there is the need to open a police station along Enen Nsit precisely in Obiokpok Nsit village.  The proposed police station should be located near the Primary Health Centre and the Customary Court to check jungle justice given to unsuspected visitors to that village.  For more information, you can send a team of your crack reporters to make investigations about a killer squad in that village.  Thanks for treating as important”.
Meanwhile, the police have promised to wade into the matter and ensure that the area is crises free. The Police public Relations Officer, Etim Dickson in a telephone chat assured that the security agencies will do something about the area and security challenges there will be arrested.  Etim Dickson speaking with this reporter said it is the determination of the police command in the state to ensure that they ensure that peace and order is maintained.  He also appealed to citizens to always make useful comments and contributions that will help the police in tackling crimes. On the issue of citing a police station at that area, the PPRP said there are procedures in citing a police station. He added that if the people are ready, the Police will aid in citing a police station there.
It could be recalled that irate youths from Nsit Ibom had destroyed a thank you billboard that was positioned in the area when the Governor was earlier meant to commission the road.  Over two times the commissioning of the road had been cancelled without any official excuse given.  While some had cited security reports, some say the Governor had an emergency to attend to.  The police are however expected to do their best to restore calm to the area in order to justify Government’s expenses on the road.

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