Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Akpabio warns Party Exco

In what many would describe as a deliberate and fresh humiliation of Obong Umana Umana after the said London trip issue, Governor Akpabio had last week met with the PDP Executive Council. The meeting was held at the Government House in Uyo. A mild drama occurred when the SSG stepped into the meeting venue, the Governor is said to have told Obong Umana Umana in clear terms that he should excuse him as he wants to have the meeting with only party Exco. Party officers who were present are said to have expressed shock over Akpabio’s decision to kick against the SSG from attending the said meeting.
Meanwhile, the Governor is said by a source to have appealed to the party Exco to please exercise patience with him over his inability to give them their due emoluments such as cars, and contracts.
The Governor is said to have made it clear to the party leaders that he will soon present to them their due emoluments.
The Governor being aware of the troubles in the party due to the denial of the rights of the party Exco and the 2015 succession battle warned that no member of the party acting for themselves and or on behalf of the party should attend any meeting with any of the aspirants.
A government House Source said the Governor had maintained that he has not anointed anybody to succeed him and that at the appropriate time, he will show the way.
Akpabio is said to have added that the party should tell any prospective aspirant who want to contest election to come and see them rather than them (the party) going to see the aspirant.
Meanwhile, THE INK gathered last night that Umana Umana intends to use the Special Adviser to the Governor on political matters, Mr. Godwin Ntukude to fight back.
Ntukudeh is said to have been billed for a meeting with party Exco yesterday. A source said, earlier Ntukudeh had maintained that he just wants to discuss with the party as he has not done that since he was appointed. As at Press time, whether the meeting had held was not known as information on this matter was shaky. But by next week, Ntukudeh’s intent must have been made known.
Unknown to Obong Umana Umana and his supporters, while he was busy building and plotting how to take over the Leadership of the State by 2015, fresh indications emerged yesterday that the state Governor, Godswill Akpabio is no longer comfortable with both his services and his antics.
The state Governor Godswill Akpabio is said to be having a different view of the longest serving SSG of the state.
Like a hurricane that was never expected, workers in the Government House, Uyo were shocked yesterday when security agencies in uniform and in plain cloth stormed the office of Obong Umana Umana and barred all forms of movement ensuring that nobody moved either in or out of the place. They also barred all staff of the place from getting into the office for whatever reasons whatsoever. Even a plain paper was not allowed to be taken out.
Obong Umana who is said to have been away battling for some other issues, is said to have been informed of the development and then advised against putting up an appearance as his safety and security was not guaranteed. The newspaper gathered that the security operatives acted at the instance of the Governor, Godswill Akpabio who is said to have earlier on engaged in a heated argument with Obong Umana Umana on the 2015 ambition of the embattled SSG.
A Government House Source who was at the scene of the incident informed the newspaper that the action taken was to ensure that Umana Umana resigns from office as the SSG for daring to declare for the governorship position of the state without putting the governor in the know.
It could be recalled that few weeks ago, the relationship between Governor Akpabio and his embattled SSG had gone sour and there was a need for one to leave the Space for the other.
When it dawned on Obong Umana that the Governor was no longer looking into his line, he is said to have considered a resignation before the end of August especially as Governor Godswill Akpabio had declared that any body in his Cabinet who wants to contest should tender a resignation before the end August.
Sources who have been monitoring the situation in Government House told our reporter that when the news got to the Governor that Obong Umana was likely going to resign before the end of this week, Akpabio sensing that Umana’s action may rubbish him is said to have decided to take to the Mafia approach.

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