Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Gov. Udom Emmanuel and sustenance of peace in Akwa Ibom State


As experiences have shown over the years, it is always during the build up to the general elections in Nigeria that all manners of schemes are hatched to flare up sentiments for the purposes of instigating disaffection and promoting political intolerance. These condemnable acts which are deliberately done to undermine the security and peaceful co-existence of our law-abiding citizens, usually force us to look up to the state governments for succour and protection.

Fortunately, since the emergence of Deacon Udom Emmanuel as the Governor of the Akwa Ibom State, this God-fearing leader who treats the welfare and security of his people as cardinal items of his administration has ensured that there has been comparatively relative peace in the State, which without doubt has made it one of the most peaceful environment in Nigeria to live and do business.

The peace loving governor has always advocated for tolerance in every misunderstanding arising from discordant personal views or difference in political interest, so that conflict resolutions can be achieved through non-violence. This commendable approach which has ushered in a new peaceful era has convinced the people to cherish the governor as a symbol of peace and a desirable political leader when placed in the courts of public opinion anywhere in Nigeria.

As a responsible and  responsive leader, having thrived so far to contain spates of inherited violence within his short stay, the Governor as the Chief Security Officer of Akwa Ibom State has proven that for whatever reasons he will not tolerate violence or compromise the security and peace of the citizens who he swore to protect at all times. Therefore, his recent public re-instatement of this position is very plausible and reassuring that our safety, peace and security still remain intact in his priority list.

The administration’s numerous achievements cannot be mentioned without prominent reference to enhanced security, social stability and peace, which are ofcourse very strong endearing reasons to continue to support his continuity so that the status quo of civil harmony will be imbedded as a standard legacy after his 8 years of people’s friendly leadership.

Accordingly, we the grassroots politicians and mobilizers should resolve to use our socio-political spread across all the political units to enlighten the political class and electorates that any governor who promotes peace, ensures security of lives and properties leads a pragmatic administration that wants economic activities to grow, industrialization drive to be sustained, our youths to be progressive and the society reformed for peace to reign so that we can live without fear of violence or political intimidation.

Irrespective of the circumstances, we should always use our diverse opinions and positions to urge the good people of Akwa Ibom State to shun any act capable of frustrating the noble intentions of our great leader. Instead of promoting acrimony against government, we should all join hands together to support his continuity for the sake of the advancement of social and economic developments which are only attracted by the peaceful environment created by his leadership.
As a patriotic call in his support, we should advice that all forms of hate speeches should be avoided while expressing our political opinions in order not to incite people against each other or government under the pretext of political interest, because elections shall come and go, but we will still co-exist together. As such, we desire peaceful environment as a matter of fundamental need for the progress of Akwa Ibom State to continue smoothly.

Once again, as a group, we enjoin every person to support the peace agenda of this administration which has evolved from peaceful nature of the Governor. And also, we should emulate him and engage in conducts that will promote his ideals wherever we are, because peaceful co-existence and enhancement of security of our citizens are selling points of his continuity in 2019.

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