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Udom’s Industrialization:  Waiting for the Acting President

Udom’s Industrialization:  Waiting for the Acting President


Industrialisation process of any nation or State is one of  the most difficult task. It is rigorous and capital intensive .The first level is researching to know which sector of industrialisation that will strive well in such environment , assessing the deposit of raw materials ,market availability and the envisaged profitability of the venture. Then of course, funding capacity.

Since the inception of Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration, his avowed mission is to industrialize Akwa Ibom State, pulling her out of  a civil service State rating and transform her to  a private sector driven economy,  powered by industries ,tourism ,Small Scale businesses , adequate educational facilities to churn out professional manpower, efficient healthcare system to build a heathy population and 24 hours power supply to  eliminate the high cost of powering factories  ,which is responsible for liquidation of many industries in Africa. 

The  last but not the least, is security of lives and properties . May 29th 2015,  Governor  Udom Emmanuel took over the administration of Akwa Ibom State and  in less than three months,  he performed the ground breaking in ceremony for over four industries . Let me attempt to analyse the diverse challenges each of them had that causes the slow down of its take off.

The Automobile Plant at Itu which partners are Israelis met the brick wall of licensing and political obstructions from the Governemnt at the center . 

The fencing facilities have long arrived from Israel , hundreds of youth from Akwa  Ibom State have been sent to Israel  for transfer of technology, most of them engineers ,while waiting for the license to be approved by the All Progressives Congress controlled  Federal Government. 

The LED factory at Itam : This is another industry that Governor Udom Emmanuel had perform its ground breaking since 2015.  Many  may not know that , to have an industry built from another plant abroad, in order to avoid copyright,the fabrication of the factory must be done afresh , to ensure trademark rights is  not infringed .

So the LED factory is going through the fabrication process now to ensure the company have personalized trademark not shared by any other factory in the world. Another draw back for the State in the industrialisation process is in the Quantum Petrochemical company. The company has secured license to operate but there is breakdown in negotiations with NNPC and because, the price at which gas was given to the company will not provide the Chemical refinery, sustained profitability.

Apart from the drawbacks stated above , Government is doing everything to ensure the industrialisation process is not a mere political propaganda to gain votes,  but tangible achievements that will transforms the economy of the State .

In less than two years  the Government of  His Excellency Mr Udom Emmanuel has done remarkably in its bid to set new indices of development in the State in terms of industrial revolution, one of those giant strides is the Jubilee Syringes.

Jubilee Syringe Manufacturing Company will commence full production of syringes in September when the Acring President , Prof Yemi  Osibanjo will commission the factory for full commencement of production .  

Jubilee Syringe, located on an 8000 square meter of land area in Onna Local Government of Akwa Ibom State, will be the first syringe manufacturing company in the country, second only to South Africa in the whole of Africa, and will kick off a start up production capacity of between 350 to 400 million syringes annually, with provision for expanding its production capacity to one billion syringes by 2018.

This estimated 350-400 million production lines Jubilee Syringe intend to start-up with in Nigeria, far overshoots that of South Africa, as the South African Company has a production capacity of only 93 million, making Jubilee Syringe, of course, upon completion and commencement of operations, the largest syringe production company in the entire African continent.

Owned by a Turkish-born business man and investor, Mr. Onur Kumral, whose investments spanned over 17 countries. Having believed that, Akwa Ibom has good development policies and adequate security, in addition to the overwhelming support provided by Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration, kumral said he was spurred to confidently take the risk of bringing such huge investment as Jubilee Syringe into the country.

Akwa Ibom State Government is Partnering with the private sector to   install base of energy meters, also called electricity meters,  which are widely used in industries  households, etc. It is also widely used for utility services. Installation of correct energy meters is a must for consumers to ensure that they are billed correctly. 

Before now the State has carried out a survey in an endeavour to acknowledge and applaud the players of this industry.  Various test and measurement firms, utilities companies, associations in the electronics domain and customers of energy meter did come up with a list of the leading energy meter brands. 

The Technical partners from China, Pakistan and India have arrived AkwaIbom State to conclude arrangements for the takeoff of a meter manufacturing company, Metering Solutions Manufacturing Services Limited (MSMSL), which ground breaking was performed December 2015 at Awa-Iman, Onna LGA is set to roll. 

Spokesperson for the company, Mr. Zhang Loohang, said the firm, when operational, will produce single phase and three phase electricity meters in various configurations and mountings, light weight, slim skeletal, compact meters for pole top installation, prepayment type meters, split type electricity meters, standard one unit electricity meters, bulk electricity meters, maximum demand meters and smart electricity meters.

Accurate gas and electricity bills are an important factor for business. Without regular meter readings, energy companies estimate usage and if more has been used more than estimated, businesses can find themselves with large, unexpected bills. This can be a real problem for businesses, especially when businesses switch gas and electricity suppliers.

And on the 23rd of September 2017 the Acting  President Yemi Osibanjo will inaugurate the factory and commencement of production will begin in earnest .
Another success story of Governor Udom Emmanuel’s  Industralization policy,  is the tooth Pick and pencil industry. Whereas the Federal Government is planing to open one in 2021 ,Already Akwa Ibom State Government is ahead , as the factory had since began production. 

Governor Udom Emmanuel has resuscitated the hitherto distressed Peacock Paint and added another line of production, the marine Paints. Plasto Crown was another moribund industry in Akwa Ibom State , but in less than six months, it is back in full stream. This was brought to fruition by Governor Udom Emmanuel’s Government.

Recently,  the Governor Udom Emmanuel led administration imported and installed machines for the production of Tooth Pick and Pencil using the abundant raw material  , the Bamboo . 

The availability of this tree can be seen all over the State. So many circles in the State see this as a venture not worthy of government investment,  but a deeper look at it, shows it has capacity of adding value to State economy and country.  It  will be the second in Nigeria after the one recently commissioned in Ondo State.

Governor Udom Emmanuel knows that, When one wants to select the best small and medium scale project to invest in, two major important considerations to make apart from location and nearness to market are one; the projected daily turnover and two; acceptability of the products(s) in the market. In Nigeria we have all the basic raw materials and technology to produce and package quality toothpicks and Pencil which investors are yet to harness and the Factory had long began production.

The Governor of Akwa Ibom State during his campaigns had pledged to the people of Akwa Ibom numerous plans that will change their living Standard. As a just leader who was not lying to gain votes from the electorate, and later deny his promises, Governor Udom Emmanuel is fulfilling his promises.

Governor Udom Emmanuel’s campaign was anchored on industrialization. He said in Uyo, during the campaign kick-off ‘’ We will build Industries in all nook and crannies of the State , and the ailing industries will be revived. Today is doing exactly that , paucity of funds does not stop him , political obstruction does stop because he meant well for the people and wishes to take his people from poverty to plenty . Flour Mills, LED Factory ,and Cocoanut Refinery will commission in the second quarter of 2018 .

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