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Of two leaders …And some noisy followers BY NSIBIET JOHN

Of two leaders …And some noisy followers BY NSIBIET JOHN

We are living in perilous times. Times when some acclaimed supporters of certain interests have thrown decorum to the mud. Times when our leaders preached a direct opposite of what they practice and claim it is politics.

It is a reflection of the contents of their characters. Weeks preceding this, Akwa Ibom state has been hilarious and full of comics.

Supporters of different political interests have been up in arms against their perceived or real enemies. Online platforms especially facebook pages and whatsapp mechanisms have played host to some gilberish and insidious innuendoes published as news and or promotions for respective candidates and 2019 aspirants.

It appears none of these commentators are ready to call a spade a spade. They glory even in the abuse of government institutions. Whether State or federal. They appreciate the failure of their paymasters to accord respects to which respects are due. They seem to forget quite hastily that Udom Emmanuel and Nsima Ekere did not join politics through the door of insults on leaders but after they must have or in the present sense in the process of a successful exploits in their chosen careers.

Youths who are supposed to learn the ropes of leadership from the elders have sold this asset for some plates of porridge and leaves of money. Today, a visitor or an online follower of political events in the state will believe in error that Governor Udom Emmanuel and Nsima Ekere are enemies.

This no love lost situation between the duo is not a creation of Ekere neither is it a creation of Udom but a creation of some very shallow minded individuals parading themselves as supporters, aides, strategists and all what not for the two men.

These groups of people just sit in the comfort of their zones and cook up stories and or with disjointed expressions give out very boring messages in an attempt to hoodwink the public into believing what they think.

Governor Udom Emmanuel and Obong Nsima Ekere have been victims of greed and insincere supporters. Most of the people backing either of the men have no business in politics. From all indications, Obong Nsima appears to be the major victim in this case. Some people who have some kind of axed to grind with Akpabio feel they should hide under the coverage of Ekere to throw punches at Udom. They do this believing that Nsima Ekere will see them as a friend. Well, the Nsima Ekere I know is wiser and may not buy that crap when the chips are down.

These are the kinds of people that create trouble for Nsima Ekere. Udom is also not too lucky in this regards because some people around him are doing so because they feel they can get something to fill the alignment of their pockets.

To an extent, methinks there is an urgent need for some persons who think they are doing Udom Emmanuel and Nsima Ekere a favour to look before they leap. Some people running around Nsima Ekere as supporters are very dishonest just like some of those following Udom around. These guys go for what they can get and once that manna is no longer falling, they retreat and start preaching a negative gospel about such a fellow.

That is why it is easy to see a man in the morning singing hallelujah choruses to Udom and in the night he throws punches at the same man. Godswill Akpabio can attest to this. Himself has been a victim of human beings insincerity especially in politics. But they, the perpetrators of these acts will always take these to mean politics.

Practical examples abound and those who are experts in this tale know themselves. I will not have to mention their names today. People these days seem to tie their inability to improve upon their lives to government or any other politician or political entity.

The sad aspect of it is that with the unemployment rate alarmingly high, some youths, some youths with inferiority complex syndrome have readily found blackmail as a tool for escape.

Some of these youths as funny as it may sound are empty yet they make the loudest noise. Some of them do not possess the capacity to convince their brothers to support their choice candidate.

If you ask some of them why they do the things they do, they will say’ da mmaga ufan ado or ufan ado isinogho owo mkpo.

One of the most disturbing things in Akwa Ibom State today has been the war of words between loyalists of Nsima Ekere and Udom Emmanuel. These guys take to facebook to vent their frustration at every given chance and opportunity.

Ever since Nsima Ekere emerged as MD/CEO of NDDC, he has been attending to his duties with tact and courage. He has intervened where necessary but some unscrupulous elements, those who crave unnecessary attention has taken to facebook to say Ekere’s intervention is as a result of the failure of Udom Emmanuel, imagine a lame duck argument. That is not all, NDDC has intervened on Ukana offot street, amongst others. The recent flood on that road came and the arguments started.
Of two leaders …And some noisy followers BY NSIBIET JOHN

Udom’s men had blamed Nsima on a poor work, Nsima’s men said, No, blame Udom on flood control system. It is funny. I have personally had discussions with some of these too know youths and I cannot just explain the bases for their arguments. The summary is that, these guys promoting hate agenda between UGE and ONE are contracts seeking bigots, who have always eek a living from character assassination. And once the paymaster realizes the plot, they go search for another. Politics will always come and go, governance will remain.

And after politics, where will we be. You that said all sort of things against somebody where will you be, what will you say and when the money you must have made from such unglorious adventure must have been exhausted, what will you do.

Yours sincerely is not saying that we must not criticize. Far from it. But when criticism is not objective, constructive and devoid of hate, it becomes something else. When criticisms is financially induced, it becomes a tale of venting out frustration. Those whoi do not love Udom should not forget that he is the Governor of Akwa Ibom State and will remain so till he serves out his tenure. As well as those who do not love Nsima Ekere, their love or hate cannot stop him from being the MD/CEO of NDDC. He will remain so till the Federal Government tells him, you are done serving.

This is why in all that we do, we must be careful. Be careful not to mortgage your future with the peanuts you are swimming with today. It is this kind of dilemma that I wish our youths who are the ones farming hate speeches, abuses and insults to desist from. Because in the streets where we belong, the sentiment is high and Akwa Ibomites are a very intelligent set of people. Even when it is obvious that these men are in the news because of 2019 governorship elections. Akwa Ibomites have looked beyond 2019 governorship election. The people know where their hearts belong and trust, they will follow it to a conclusion.

So whether there is a noisy minority or the quiet majority, Akwa Ibom people will make their choice and no federal might or state resources can swerve our consciousness.

Akwa Ibom’s Democracy have been tried and tested on may fronts, especially by politicians who do not want to leave the stage for the younger ones. 

Former President of Nigeria Chief Olusegun Obasanjo must have had Akwa Ibom in mind when he said recently that nobody will give the youths power. Invariably implying that youths must work hard in order to get power.

In this wise, yours truly concurs with OBJ and I will move to add quickly that power is not given, power is grabbed. Therefore, our youths may have to do better than living in facebook and other online platforms to fight for politicians whose stock in trade is to perpetrate themselves in power and continue in oiling the lines of their pockets with tax payers money.

For now both Udom and Nsima deserve to be appreciated for the little and or big things they have done. And in the final analysis, we are not as divided as political jobbers would want us to be.

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