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Community of Grace church ends 2017 Grace Convention

Community of Grace church ends 2017 Grace Convention

Sunday July 31st, 2017 will remain evergreen in the life of members of community of Grace Church, Worldwide, as it was the day the church rounded off her 2017 “Grace” convention in grand style.

The event which started from Friday 28th, had as its theme “My season of laughter” (Gen. 21:1-6) and held at Community of Grace Church No. 33 Nnobi Street, Surulere, Lagos State.

In his sermon, General superintendent of the church, Apostle Emmanuel Ekpe, who spoke on the topic “In this mountain”, admonished participants at the convention to be hopeful that the Lord will rekindle their strength, restore their joy and destroy the face of the covering cast over them as well as the veil that is spread over their families, state and nation. He took his Bible reading from Isaiah 25:1-12 and drew his text from verse 6. 

According to him “The Lord will swallow up death in victory for His people, He will wipe away tears from off all your faces; and the rebuke of His people shall He take away from off all your lives”.

Apostle Ekpe, maintained that those who wait on the Lord will ever renew their strength, be glad and experience the manifestation of God’s power upon their lives.

The man of God expressed worries over the captivity many believers of Christ have been put into by the kingdom of darkness and assured them of total liberation, freedom and emancipation from every satanic quack-mires, “sometimes our churches are bypassed to prayer houses and fellowship centers due to evil coverage on the sign posts. But in this mountain, never again will scenario repeat itself”. He stressed.

Apostle Ekpe, urged the people to maintain holiness in Christ, be patience and wait upon the Lord, be faithful as well as show steadfastness as they await the return of their latter glory.

The General Superintendent of Community of Grace Church, after preaching, officiated the cutting of eighth anniversary celebration cake of Lagos Assembly of the church since it was established in the year 2009.

He also used the convention to announce and subsequently gave the right hand of fellowship in assistance of other pastors and ordained officers of the church, to Evangelist George Nsidibe as an associate evangelist.

 Earlier on Friday July 28th, first day of the convention, pastor I. J. Umoh who is also Vice President of the church, preached on the topic “Breaking the yoke of sorrow”.

Taking his bible reading from Psalm 126:1-6, the man of God cited the Israelites who were set free by God after years of suffering in the land of Egypt.

He charged participants at the convention to look up to God as author and finisher of their faith irrespective of what they may pass through in life.
“You may not laugh when planting. You may not feel comfortable when you are sowing a seed but laughter will come during harvesting. Those who know their God are bound to do exploit”. He emphasized.

Using biblical Job as an example, pastor Umoh emphasized that the conditions to receiving laughter is when people stop to blaspheme God in times of difficulties, and continue to do God’s work.

On Saturday morning, the second day of the programme, Apostle E. R. Ekpe, handled a paper presentation on the topic “Behold my Servant”, and mentioned attributes of God’s servants to include fulfilling the will of God, occupying in the service of the master, submits to the Lord in all things, work out for their eternal destiny in Christ amongst others.

Other areas he mentioned were; challenges of God’s servants who according to him include, self realization-knowing your position in Christ Jesus, immortality, financial pressures, cultural issues and others.

Summarizing his teaching during the prayer/fasting service, Apostle Ekpe pointed out the following as what people should do to become true servants of God; confirm sonship with the father, walk in holiness and maintain individual consecration, and be separated from every unclean things both spiritual and physical.

During the same Saturday evening , pastor John Divine, spoke on the topic ’THAT SAME JESUS IS ALIVE’ and took his bible reading from Luke 7;12-16 and Heb 13;8. He advised Christ believers not to panic in anything for that same Jesus of yesterday is alive today to wipe away their tears even until tomorrow.
Pastor Divine urged participants to get closer to God, promising them that their glory of the latter day will be greater than the former. 

The convention had in attendance Associate pastor John Eshiet, Assoc. Evang. Jeremiah Okon, John Jacob and John Divine from Lagos Assembly. Others were Assoc. pastor Samuel Isaac from Eket Assembly, E. O Ntekim from Okon Assembly, Akan Ekpo from Ikot Ekang Assembly and I J Umoh from Afaha Offiong.

Highpoints of the event were, celebration of 10 years marriage anniversary of Associate pastor John Jacob, salvation messages, praise/worship and choirs rendition by both Lagos and Akwa Ibom Zones.

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