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Katia Awajiogak: Begs Martha Udom Emmanuel to show milk of kindness

Katia Awajiogak: Begs Martha Udom Emmanuel to show milk of kindness

‘Katia Divine Awajiogak is the name of my son, he was born on the 9th of march 2012 at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital. 

When he was born everything was done and nobody could assess and know exactly what the problem was. It was later that we started seeing his head growing. So we took him to the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital.

 It was there that it was confirmed that he has a hydrocephalus. So we were referred back to the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital for operation.

 There we met with a neuron surgeon by the grace of God who now operated on him and there is was a shunt to reduce the pressure on his breath but if you look at him now the head is still big and anywhere he goes to his peers use that to mock at him, which always make him ashamed to go out.’

This is the painful story a father whose boy was playing alone at the Ibom Specialist Hospital, Uyo while other kids were amazed gazing at his unusually big head. For Mr. and Mrs. Awajiokag Umin, natives of Amadaka village, Eastern Obolo L.G.A. of Akwa Ibom State, the birth of baby Divine 5 years was followed with joy especially being a handsome baby boy. 

But shortly afterward, the baby was diagnosed as suffering Craniotomy, a deformity of the skull leading to abnormal growth of the head size. The Awajiokag’s joy has turned to fear for the life of little Divine. Apart from intermittent pains and headaches, the little boy social development is badly affected by unusual stare at his double size head. The family made further investigation to see where something can be done to make sure the boy’s head is reduced to normal size. 

Katia Divine was operated and a shunt placed in his head, but the family are still having hopes that if another major operation is done the boy can live freely like a normal human being. So that took the Awajiokags to Ibom Specialist Hospital Uyo in Akwa Ibom State. ‘By the grace of God we were able to meet with a specialist on that matter he is a neuron surgeon, somebody from India who told us that it is possible for the head to reduce. So we are now trying to find money for operation to reduce his pains and shame. The man told us certain test and scanning are to be made that could further give him more insight. He had done similar job and that it is possible that could be done.’

If everything were in place financially, Katia Divine operation would have been done on the 15th of January but they were given 15th of February, a date the Neuron-surgeon was expected back into the country. 

The constraint Mr. Awajiokag is having now is the estimate given by the Ibom Specialist Hospital. The charges and everything put together was a total cost of N2,491,200 which is approximately N2.5 million as at 9th of January 2017 including sundry expenses. ‘so when we look at ourselves we found out that we couldn’t and it is not possible within our reach to provide that money, that is what is still holding him and that is why we are meeting the media to help us.’ Mr. Awajiokag lamented.

Unfortunately for the humble family, Mr. and Mrs Awajiokag are currently unemployed because they were among the sacked 5000 teachers whose appointments where nullified by government because of irregularities in that recruitment exercise. On a friend’s advice Mr. Awajiokag wrote an appeal to office of the deputy governor on the 13th of February 2017. While leaving the government house complex he had a second thought to extend the same letter to office of the wife of the governor. On 16th February 2017, the Permanent Secretary, office of the deputy governor, Mr. Nkopuruk Ekaiko replied advising Mr. Awajiokag to direct the appeal to office of the governor of Akwa Ibom state through the SSG for help.  

On the 22nd of February 2017, Awajiokag again with hope sent in an appeal letter captioned, A CASE OF HYDROCAPHALUS AND DEFORMITY OF THE SKULL BOW, to the executive governor of Akwa Ibom state. Sadly this father who has acted in his capacity to protect his son has no further reply for assistance from the office of the governor’s wife or the governor. It was his hope perhaps he could benefit from the popular free health care service offered by Akwa Ibom state government to children and pregnant mothers or human kindness of His Excellency Deacon Udom Emmanuel.

Not giving up easing Mr. Awajiokak Umin is still expecting help from Her Excellency. ‘Yes, I am appealing to any assistance that will come in from good spirited individuals, group, NGO or government especially the wife of the Governor, Martha Udom Emmanuel.  We will appreciate this support to pay our bill because our main objective is to help the boy to have a normal life. Thank you as my God will reward your kindness.’

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