Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A’Ibom FRSC and the loss of sanity

I find it very difficult these days to understand the workings of the men and women of the Federal Road Safety Corps . Apparently because they have recently constituted themselves into a monster of some sort. The level in which they harass motorists for bribe is becoming too terrible, never known in the history of the corp especially in Akwa Ibom State. To this end, can we ask if they are worse hit by recession?

 It is very difficult to distinguish whether these chaps are on the road for the safety of road users or they station to create confusion. Make no mistakes, one is not against the services of Road Safety officials but the public must be enlightened on what these men in brown (or is it carton colour ) uniform look out for when they stop an approaching it money or documents?

The questions they ask make people worried because every road user seems to be a victim of Road Safety officers. Even when all road users cannot be wrong and offenders at the same time.

In the past months, FRSC have constituted a stumbling block to free movement of vehicles on roads. It is either the driving license, vehicle papers, tyres, fire extinguishers are faulted by them or other faults manufactured. These encumbrances are what get road users so confused as to what FRSC are checking or are supposed to check.

Again, where should FRSC station? Where should they be positioned? Do they have to stand around township areas and roads other than trunk A roads (Trunk A roads we are told are Federal roads). But they even stand on roads in Ewet Housing Estate.

Even though Owen the PRO of the corps in a radio interview with 105.9 (inspiration FM) once argued that FRSC officials can stand anywhere on any part or portion of the road, there were loopholes in that argument. The idea of FRSC ambushing and terrorizing road users by stationing immediately after bad spots on our roads for instance along IBB way in Uyo immediately after R&R is suicide. It is not doing the job it is an application for suicide and it could be honoured one day.

Also should the FRSC run a court? What is the idea of setting up what in FRSC language is referred to as Mobile Court? This is sickening and an abuse of the law. It is in one word a fraud. And I would want to posit that those involved in this illegality should be arrested and made to face the law.

Furthermore, FRSC officials chasing road users with their Hilux vans are to me very lawless. If they are touts, we can understand. But when they put on uniforms and chase drivers who refuses to heed their stop messages is equally unappreciated. Actions like these have led to the loss of so many lives. A recent happened along Calabar – Itu road and many innocent lives were lost.
Men and women of FRSC should tread with caution. The fact that they are creating illegality into their job in Akwa Ibom state and we pretend not to see should not give them the status of lords because one day the world shall know whether the FRSC in Akwa Ibom state is working or not.
A number of illegalities have been constituted by the activities of FRSC and it has erased on the integrity of the corps. This has to be seriously checked before it gets out of hands. We are getting tired of seeing so many road blocks in Akwa Ibom State as caused by Road Safety officials.

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