Monday, 6 February 2017

Nigeria’s recession is an outcome of massive corruption—NAS International President

Nigeria’s recession is an outcome of massive corruption—NAS International President


Mr Aurthur Boje, the International President of National Association of Seadogs (NAS), has said the current economic recession facing the country is an outcome of massive corruption over the past years. 

Boje made the assertion during the Association quarterly meeting in Eket Local Government Area of the state on Saturday, saying the economic recession is not natural but manmade. 

He noted that recession was upspringing of mismanagement of public funds and natural resources in the country. 

“I live outside the country, I have experienced recession in Europe and America but recession in Nigeria is different. If you stamp out corruption, there will be no recession. 

“They have borrowed our money, they have stolen our money, they have hidden our money somewhere and the poor man in the street does not have job to do, hence the constant rise in social vices,’’ Boje said. 

Boje averred that the only way out of the present economic predicament is for the citizenry is to hold their leaders accountable to governance.

“The way forward is that we have to come together and ask our leaders question. We should start calling our leaders out from the day one and ask them questions publicly,’’ he said. 

The International President maintained that part of the activities of NAS is to conscientize the public to call on their representative and ask them questions.
Boje said that the country’s health care facilities were nothing to write home about because money meant for the sector was mismanaged.

He said that the Association was embarking on free medical treatment to indigent people in the state because government cannot do it alone.
“We will not come to do free medical treatment if the health facility of the country is working.

“I want to believe that we are here to help the community from dieying of health challenges which could have been avoided in the first place or at least diagnosed on time and properly manage,’’ he said..

Highlights of the programme were tree planting in Eket metropolis, free medical treatment of the people of Okon community in Eket and public enlightenment exercise.

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