Tuesday, 23 February 2016

PDP Chieftains gang up against Udom

PDP Chieftains gang up against Udom

…as missing vehicles create tension in Ukanafun 

The Chieftains of  Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ukanafun Local Government Area are in a thick conspiracy against Governor Udom Emmanuel for alleged marginalization. 

The “Cartel” led by a former Commissioner, Obong Eno Akpan and the National Officer of PDP, Hon. Udo Ekpenyong is said to have convened series of meetings to tinker with the idea of being compensated with appointments. Sources that have been attending the meetings said that since they cemented the “fragile unity” recently, they have been mapping out the modalities of how to produce a Local Government Chairman in the next few months and House of Representatives member in 2019. Ekpenyong is said to be fronting his nephew who is the current Transition Chairman of Ukanafun, Barr. Samuel Udokoh; while ceding Vice Chairmanship to Eno Akpan who has similarly embarked on intense campaign for his nephew and member representing Ukanafun State Constituency. Sources at their regular meetings said if the Governor does not help them to actualize their aspirations that they are going to embark on intensive media campaign to dent the State Government led by Governor Emmanuel.
Political sources in Ukanafun opined that the Transition Chairman, Udokoh is not a marketable political material   because of poor political performance as the Council headquarters as not even experienced epileptic power since his inception and the sudden disappearance of the bus of the health unit of the Council. An aide to the Transition Chairman informed the paper that the Jeep he is using presently was given to the Uncle, Mr. Udo Ekpenyong by the APC candidate, Mr. Umana Umana during the gathering storm to 2015 gubernatorial elections. Our investigation revealed that the two vehicles are dumped at a location along Uyo village road in Uyo. These issues are said to be the slippery terrain he has to tiptoe to actualize his aspiration. 

The member representing Ukanafun State Constituency in the State House of Assembly, Mr. Otobong Akpan who was elected by divine grace when Elder Aniekan Akpan, now Commissioner for Education, reneged a second term ambition and handed over his political structure to the lawmaker. He, sources said, is not popular among his people even as he as been convening political meetings expressing his ambition to contest for Federal House of Representatives in 2019. as a former trainee staff of a subsidiary of and oil servicing firm who was on probation on account of alleged negligence of duty, he went into politics as a last resort. 

As a man who had work for over 15 years, his people did not feel his impact. Family sources said that even his father’s residence at No. 1 Imek Street, Ikot Ekpene was  without a borehole.  How he can make up to the Federal House is a matter to be watched as he is said to have strained his relationship with his former benefactor on the instigation of the “Cartel”. Mr. Udo Ekpenyong who is in emergency, “fragile unity” with his uncle, Obong Eno Akpan is also nursing ambition for the same seat in 2019 even when there is a gentleman’s agreement that he would support the lawmaker if the former Commissioner can support him to produce his nephew, Udokoh as the Chairman of the LGA in the next few months.  

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