Monday, 21 September 2015

Akwa Ibom Dakkada: Heralding a new era

Akwa Ibom Dakkada: Heralding a new era


The inspiring  message in the Akwa Ibom ‘Dakkada’ campaign running in the media in recent time deserves attention, at least, if not commendation.

Dakkada in Ibibio literarily means ‘stand up’ or better say ‘Rise Up’, same is the slogan of the campaign ‘stand up and be counted’.

As seen, the campaign does not just hope to awaken the consciousness of the people, heralding moral transformation and spiritual rebirth, in view of re-orientation, it also announces Akwa Ibom State’s anniversary celebrations which comes up every 23rd of September.

This is interestingly the first anniversary celebration with His Excellency- Mr Udom Emmanuel as Governor of Akwa Ibom state. His administration clocked 100 days recently, and Governor Udom Emmanuel is already neck deep into the delivery of his election promises, moving from politics to governance.
Dakkada preaches a moral transformation agenda for spiritual rebirth, which is already enjoying good media reach and a positive repositioning of the State’s image, but the work here, is on the mind set.

Akwa Ibom Dakkada: Heralding a new era 
So far, as it is inevitable for the campaign to receive criticism from the feedback of the campaign, owing to many factors. First being stomach infrastructure; ‘preaching the gospel to a man who is hungry can be likened unto pouring water on the back of a fowl’ or in a basket.

Secondly, the mindset of the people, and their perception of the message; like a keen observer said on social media recently, ‘are the organizers saying that Akwa Ibom or past administrations have been sleeping?’.

The mouth piece of the state government, the Honourable Commissioner of Information & Communication- Deacon Aniekan Umanah, while receiving the Social Mobilization Committee Members of the Ministry of Health, hinted that ‘Dakkada’ is the new order, the Governor is calling on the people to arise and get busy with their hands, as his administration will focus on human capacity development and job creation.

Akwa Ibom Dakkada: Heralding a new eraFingers are crossed, in anticipation of the outcome of the Dakkada Initiative campaign, and the imprints it will leave on the sand of time.

One can be rest assured, that with a personality like Mr Aniekan Umanah at the helms of affairs of the state’s Information Ministry, the real message will be communicated, and the aim of the Dakkada Initiative will be achieved.
I part with a message to Akwa Ibom people borrowed from the Holy Bible in Isaiah 60:1 ‘Arise & Shine, for thy time has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you’.

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