Wednesday, 23 September 2015

AKWA IBOM @ 28: “Our unity is firmer, our belief is unshakeable” – Etido Inyang

…Commissioner urges support for Udom, lauds media community

Engr. Etido Inyang

“Today, we are more resolved, our unity is firmer, and our belief is unshakeable. Our purpose is illuminating and would not burn out. Together, we will unite our state and prosper our people. The march is on and Akwa Ibom under Governor Udom Emmanuel will steer the ship to a successful and enviable berth”.
These were the words of Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Special Duties, Engr. Etido Inyang in his message to Akwa Ibom people on the Anniversary of state creation which happened twenty eight years ago.
While paying tribute to all the leaders who led the state in the past, the commissioner noted their enduring sacrifices and abiding faith in the unity and greatness of Akwa Ibom state which laid the foundation for the envisaged height which the present administration is taking the state to. “The perseverance and determination of the average Akwa Ibom person in the face of the most daunting of odds is what has kept the state on its march forward. That spirit has over the years, stirred our hopes, doused our fears, and given us the encouragement to pull ourselves to build a better state even others does not believe in our capacity as a state”.

He reminded that the current process of state-building began barely three months and some days ago and already, the steps taken by the state governor is yielding unquantifiable results. “We are witnesses not to abstract but concrete and “touchable” achievements of Governor Emmanuel with barely 100 days in office.
“About this time twenty eight years ago, the labours of our forebears finally bore fruition with a state to call our own. We finally had a bonded community where we could express our fears and celebrate our joy together as a people closely knitted in the thread of brotherhood, shared values and culture. We disagreed yet remained committed in the vision of building our state. Today, our disagreements have edged our state towards the edge of precipice. The atmosphere of ill-will should come to an end in the interest of our state.
Let love replace falsehood, enmity should be subordinated by friendship and let love leads. We should and rise and support the administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel for leaders are ordained and enthroned by God. This is the way forward for a virile Akwa Ibom.
Applauding the role of the media in societal development, the commissioner observed that it cannot be exhaustively discussed. “The media community in Akwa Ibom State over the years has played critical roles in our quest for a greater and prosperous state, a state where the bond of unity will become strong enough to wipe out mutually ethnic suspicion, and crevices of hate would be cemented by genuine affection. This is the dream-state that our forebears fought and sacrificed their comforts for many years ago. This is the dream-state that past leaders did their utmost to build. This indeed, is the dream-state that the present administration is relentlessly determined to build.
“In applauding the media, stakeholders in this noble and great industry should necessarily engage in critical retrospection too, because some have unarguably, veered off track with a disturbing consistence. This will no doubt help in repairing the seeming disconnect in our society and foster greater unity among the people.  

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