Thursday, 5 March 2015

A’Ibom money Igbo prostitutes Igbo unity

A’Ibom money Igbo prostitutes Igbo unity

I like the Igbos, but  they are not better  than my people – the Akwa Ibomites. They are very courageous people. I admire the love and unity or the team spirit within them. They are popular and noted as people of industry and mercantile prowess. By the popularity and notoriety, I mean that it’s not all their businesses that are legitimate or genuine. One thing I don’t fancy in them is their lousy or talkative spirit. If I am lying, check them out at social gatherings. With several unpacked bottles of Gulder beer (Ebube – dike), they chatter and chuckle, “raining cats and dogs”, boasting, bragging, and making the environment un-conducive for you, the non-speaking Igbo. I don’t mean that I hate the Igbos because I do not understand or cannot speak their language. My point is that they should always reduce the volume of their noises where two or more intelligent people are gathered. That is not pride but sheer exhibition of un-civilization.

My Akwa Ibom people hardly sit together in love like the Igbos. If at all they do, they will be speaking borrowed English language instead of their indigenous dialect. And their charity always begins abroad. How I appreciate the enlightened Igbo guys and their brotherhood.

Last year, Global Concord ran a story: “IGBO PROSTITUTES INVADE MAITAMA”. That article worked miracle or magic for, it wasn’t up to three days, all those women of easy virtues (sex-workers) disappeared from the Main Entrance of Ewet Housing Estate (code-named Maitama) and the environs. It is alleged that the First Lady read or heard of the news of the invasion, then sent “security men” not to arrest them but pay them N50,000.00 each to go and start businesses with. Quite thoughtful and kind of the Eka-esit-mbom. But were those prostitutes jobless Akwa Ibom girls, would the First Lady had paid them a dime? During the election primary, it is also alleged that hired delegates were conveyed from Madam’s Village into Akwa Ibom State in Akwa Ibom vehicles, lodged in the government house, given government food and taken to the State Stadium with One Million Naira each, to vote. Shhh! don’t talk – o! They are our inlaws, very honourable, and Oga is at the top! Reminds me of what Senator Helen Udoakaha Jacob Esuene said at the reception of the G22: “Ado anie ufok idiaha afere akwere?!” Akwa Ibom money is not for Akwa Ibom people! Too shameful, too disheartening! 

How many mad people and beggars in Uyo are of Akwa Ibom origin? Count them by yourself and you will discover that 80% of them are Igbos. I have written twice about this before; I am crying again: Is there no voice worthier than mine to sound sweetly into our Governor’s ears for the transfer of these people back to their villages or Akwa Ibom Government Lodge? Some of the sick people paraded for alms along traffic areas of the state can give our children, even some oldies, lifetime nightmares. Nauseating and repulsive sights!

Akwa Ibom State is not a dumping ground for “toxic waste”. Dear Mother Theresa, the prostitutes have re-surfaced and in full gear; please, come again and rescue us. Pictures of near-nude or indecently dressed girls and painted women are not good for our kids. If the loose women were hidden in their brothels, I wouldn’t complain. I know too well that these morally sunken and debased ladies from the “red light district”, are doing business, and Akwa Ibom Capital City is the gold mine. But, please, send them finally packing, even if they are to be compensated with Five Million Naira each. After all, Akwa Ibom money is not meant for her suffering citizens. Let these whores pollute Akwa Ibom no more. We have had enough headaches, heartaches, dirt et al. Mbok, nnyanga nnyin, sosongo.

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