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Miracle in Oron as woman is delivered of Six-year-old pregnancy

Miracle in Oron as woman is delivered of Six-year-old pregnancy

In what Christian believers and faithful would describe as the ‘’greatest signs and wonders’’ of our generation , a-35-years-old pregnant woman put to birth a bouncy baby boy after carrying the pregnancy of  the child for six years and four months.

Spectators, believers and unbelievers alike, as well as clerics of different denominations including journalists  in Oron stormed the headquarters of Kingship Apostolic Church along Awolowo Street , off Stadium/ Oron Road  in Oron urban to catch the glimpse of the ‘’miracle’’ baby and his ‘’super natural ‘’ but divine-filled mother to satisfy their ears and eyes.

Both the baby boy and the mother who looked healthy and joyous were seen in the church’s auditorium quite close to the entrance of the vestry relaxing amidst the prophetesses, elders and some choristers and church workers of the Church.

In an interview with journalists inside the church, the ‘’wonder- filled ‘’ lady revealed that she carried the pregnancy of the ‘’miracle ‘’ baby for six years and four months.

Responding to another questions the woman who gave her name as Mrs Arit Asukwo Etim from Eyoukut, Enwang  – headquarters of Mbo Local government area, said she came to the Kingship Apostolic Church in February, 2011 after all efforts to be delivered of the already 24-month-old pregnancy proved abortive both in orthodox and unorthodox clinics.

Mrs Arit Asukwo Etim disclosed that her husband decided to abandon her when medical experts demanded funds to conduct surgical operations on an alleged fibroid tumor in her womb.

She recalled that when her husband could not foot the medical bills for operation, he decided to abscond and abandon her with the pregnancy which was already two years and six months old. Mrs Etim recounted that it was through the instrumentality of some prophetesses of the Kingship Apostolic Church in Ebughu and Enwang of Mbo that she was taken to the headquarters of the church in Awolowo Street, Oron.

She stated that when she was first taken to the founder and bishop of the church, Bishop (Dr) Efiong Okon Afahaneh, the first question the man of God put to her was ‘’Do you believe in the supreme power of the Holy Spirit?’’ and she answered in the affirmative, a response she narrated suddenly opened floodgate of intensive prayers and fasting sessions for her on daily basis.
Asked how she felt during her four years sojourn in  the Kingship Apostolic Church awaiting the ‘’one day’’ delivery belief that she latter imbibed, Mrs Etim confirm that she was always faithfully full of hope that she would eventually deliver no matter the duration since “Jesus was involved” in her case.

Also speaking during the interview, Bishop (Dr) Efiong Okon Afahaneh confirmed that Mrs Etim was brought to the church sometime in 2011 for prayers and counseling by some deaconesses of the church in Enwang and Ebughu, after stating that the woman had been pregnant for over two years even after, according to them, medical personnel’s diagnosed presence of fibroid in her stomach.

Bishop Afahaneh disclosed that after series of prayers and healing sessions by the “prayer warrior” of the church, there was divine revelation that “evil hands” were at work in the woman’s pregnancy and that “in due time” she would eventually be loosened.

Asked if he was not daunted by the unusual delay and duration of the pregnancy, Bishop Afahaneh ,  who had held position of Deacon, Elder, Pastor and later Apostle in different Assemblies of the Apostolic Church before breaking off to establish the Kingship Apostolic Church confirmed that as an ardent believer in the “Holy Ghost Fire Miracle, Signs and Wonders”, he was quite sure that one day, Mrs Arit Asukwo Etim would be delivered of a safe and healthy baby.

Bishop Afahaneh, who expressed enthusiasm that the Almighty God, His son, Our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ manifested His Omnipotent and Omniscient Powers, pointed out those who put their trust in the Lord can never go back disappointed.

Bishop Afahaneh maintained that after spending close to three decades in the Lord’s vineyard and experiencing tougher case of hopelessness from believers and non-believers through whose abiding faith the impossibilities become possible, he has finally come to a stage of always manifesting and giving testimonies the goodness of “Holy Ghost Fire”.

Quoting from different portions of the Scriptures, Bishop Afahameh enjoined priests of the Almighty God never to dilute their divinity and divine power which abides constantly with those who seek same with utter reference to God with any satanic powers. 

Mean while it was celebration galore in the church premises throughout last weekend.

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