Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Hoodlums attack ACA in Itu * MacJoe fingered

Hoodlums attack ACA in Itu  * MacJoe fingered
Vexed by what many has been describing as his inability to control the Itu Local Government political bloc despite being the council Chairman, Michael James Etim has been accussed of sponsoring political thugs and hoodlums to unleash mayhem against the SSG Udom Emmanuel’s political group, the Akwa Ibom Consolidation Alliance last Monday in Itu Local Government Area.

The boys numbering more than hundreds are said to have first of all attempted to invade the council secretariat venue of the Itu chapter inauguration of ACA but were repelled by a combined team of security operatives and some agile men from the Alliance group at Mbak. The inauguration however went on successfully amidst pomp and pageantry.

That was not to be done as the group on their way back to Uyo to review the inauguration were waylaid by the hoodlums and attacked seriously. It took the timely intervention of security operatives mainly the police to quell the situation and avoid a possible breakdown of law and order as the ACA group was equally poised for a revenge. In the earlier stampeed some vehicles belonging to some members of ACA were damaged.

The Association while informing THE INK newspapaer of the attack however fingered the serving chairman of Itu Local Government Area, Mr. Michael James Etim who is popularly known as MacJoe. They said their findings have indicated that Etim had the day before the ACA inauguration in Itu LGA met with the hoodlums from Oku Iboku and had mobilized them with money and hot drinks with an advice that they should cause confusion and fight members of Itu who will be coming for the ACA inauguration that Monday. 

Our reporter informed that the aim of the council Chair, Michael James Etim was to make the organization unpopular in Itu and cause dissatisfaction among unsuspecting indigenes of Itu so that the council Boss wil go to town with the information that ACA was rejected in Itu LGA.
Some leaders of ACA who spoke to our reporter maintained that Michael James Etim should by now realize that the people of Itu have since left his enclave and have decided to go with the man that will benefit them from 2015 and beyond.

When our reporter sought to know what measures have been put in place by Itu leaders of ACA to avaiod a repeat of the ugly situation in future, they informed that they will mobilize enough policemen for future functions and added that it was the reason there was a very heavy mobilization of security operatives when the group went to inaugurate the Ibiono IBom Chapter of the body last week.
Chairman of Itu Local Government Area, Mr. Michael James Etim did not reply to an sms that was sent to his line seeking his comments on the allegations his kinsmen had leveled against him.   

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