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Latest Edition of The Ink Newspaper, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

Latest Edition of The Ink Newspaper, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State



“LET THERE BE” as the good book tells us, was the pronouncement made by the Creator at creation and is in a nutshell, how all we see around us today came to be. For us humans though, the process of bringing new things to fruition is a bit more complicated. First we need to come up with the idea, then the string of experts are commissioned to plan, design and fashion the implementation methodology, then we worry about the technical and financial feasibility, then the sourcing of funds, etc. in which ever order they come, before attempting the actual execution of the project.

 Akwa Ibom State, being relatively new on the national plate, has had to play catch up in many areas of its felt needs, and would, if given the choice, have preferred the divine pronouncement of ‘LET THERE BE’ to get things done instantly. Being human, the usual trend sees a government come in, enthusiastically embarks on projects it considers relevant at that point in time, makes a spirited effort at implementation and often too soon another government is at the door. Consequently, development efforts were slow, inconclusive, uncoordinated and made very little impact on the lives of Akwaibomites.

2015: What A’Ibom people must know BY JOSEPH OKON

2015: What A’Ibom people must know BY JOSEPH OKON

As Akwa Ibomites gradually transit into another election year that will herald the coming in of a new leader who will lead the state, Akwa Ibom people should not allow sentiments to becloud their sense of reasoning at this stage when their critical perception is needed in sustaining the uncommon transformation of the present administration.

It is very sad that some less informed persons in the state have formed their opinions in empathy of politicians who have contributed to the underdevelopment of this state. These old men of yesteryears who throughout their stay in office could not leave any tangible evidence on ground, are looking for a way of coming back to steal and revenge, should they be given the opportunity.

I agree that politics is a game of interest, but people should understand that apart from being a game of interest, it is also a process that leaders emerged to lead God’s children on earth.

Uyio Ikpaisong Ibibio and the leadership question BY JOSEPH OKON

Uyio Ikpaisong Ibibio and the leadership questionUyio Ikpaisong Ibibio and the leadership question
 The recent political developments in our dear state has given rise to so many things.One of such is the formation and inauguration of a new group called “Uyio Ikpaisong Ibibio” last month.

The group, according to those who formed it intend to replace it the age-long Ifim Ibom Ibibio and have it stand as the supreme council of Ibibio nation. Ordinarily, it would not be odd to ignore the fore-goings in the group, but when considering it leadership compositions, it becomes pertinent to question the rationale behind their action.

There are lots of questions begging to be answered by the founders, some of which are the purpose and interest of the group. Is this group a political, cultural or pressure group? What really informed the formation of this group?Is it a political platform to fight and return power back to Ibibio come 2015? If that is the aim, what about Akwa Esop Imaisong Ibibio, Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio, Ifim Ibom Ibibio, Ibibio Elders Forum, Utuenikang Ibibio and others that are supposed to fight the Ibibio course?

Itam Market and what makes it thick BY JOY BASSEY

There has been a tremendous pool of commerce in Itam Market in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.  Over the past, it has become a huge market in South- South Nigeria as sellers and buyers across this geographical zone converge therein to buy or sell their wares.

History has it that the market started as a small outlet, providing commercial opportunities for people around Uyo and its environs. As the State was made independent of the old Cross River State, efforts were made to give the market an international standing especially, by the Akpabio led government who saw the need to rebuild the market and provide it with basics social amenities like the police station, banks, conveniences and car parks, to enhance commercial activities.

Akwa Ibom Power Stakeholders task PHEDC managers on ‘crazy bills’

Akwa Ibom State power sector stakeholders recently grilled the Business Managers  of the 3 Business Units in Akwa Ibom state on the outrageous billing across the state.

Speaking at operational stakeholders meeting with the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Power, Dr. Victor Udo, the stakeholders mentioned that “the issue of outrageous billing was embarrassing.”

They expressed misgivings about the authenticity of such bills and tasked the Business Managers to shun estimated billing and instead bill customers based on consumption.

While offering explanation, the BMs attributed the high electricity bills to debt incurred overtime, illegal connections, vandalization and estimated billing. They also disclosed that 40% of power generated is lost in transmission. Therefore, customers are billed to make up for the loses.

Etim Ekpo Ward Eight adopts Akpabio for Senate

The people of Etim Ekpo Ward 8, in Etim Ekpo local government area, have adopted Governor Godswill Akpabio as their candidate for the Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District seat, in next year’s election.

Operating under the aegis of Political Foundation Ward 8, the people, in a motion, moved during their general meeting, by the PDP Youth Leader in the area, Mr. Udosen Monday and seconded by a Party Chapter Officer, Mr. Nsikan Ekanem, said their support and loyalty to the Governor, was in recognition of his developmental strides in the State.

At the event, which was attended by more than 200 youths and village youth leaders, the Chairman of the group, Mr. Ezekiel Nwankwo, said they were proud of Chief Akpabio, whom he described as a tested and trusted leader par excellence, who has transformed Akwa Ibom to a destination of choice in Africa.

Labourers drag Mobil sub-contractor to traditional court over nonpayment of salaries

No fewer than 12 labourers working for Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN), Sub-Contractor, Animachris Nigeria Enterprise has dragged the company to traditional court over an alleged indebtedness of the sum N1 million as salaries.

Mr Kufre Asuquo, spokesperson for the workers laid their complained to newsmen in Eket during the weekend, saying that the 12 labourers would explore every available lawful medium to extract their salaries from the Mobil sub-contractor.

Asuquo said that the Managing Director of the Enterprises, Mr Edoho Edoho had melted injustice on them for not paying them after hiring them to work for him.

Akpabio dares INEC …orders Udom to begin full scale campaigns

Akpabio dares INEC Akpabio dares INEC

…releases #100m for SSG’s political jamboree

With INEC yet to release an official time table of campaigns for the 2015 elections and most politicians consulting in hush tones, the case of Akwa Ibom State smacks of arrogance and impudence as Governor Akpabio has ordered his anointed godson and present Secretary to State Government Udom Gabriel Emmanuel to begin full scale campaigns.

The campaign which began last Monday according to reports was preceded by a meeting between Akpabio and the Annangs the previous day which was a Sunday at the Governor’s lodge in Uyo with Udom in attendance. It was agreed that the campaign should start in the Governor’s federal constituency of Ikot Ekpene and Obot Akara Local Government Areas.

A’Ibom 2015 guber: The mantle falls on Eket BY HON EKANEM WILLIE

A’Ibom 2015 guber: The mantle falls on Eket BY HON EKANEM WILLIE
When the agitation for the principle of political equity to be adhered in Akwa Ibom State gained momentum sometime last year, the word “Zoning” became a controversial vocabulary, with proponents and opponents heating up the polity as if Armageddon was at hand.

Democracy, being a designed module of governance for the people, by the people and the people could not allow any contrary view or concept come to play in the then raging debate of zoning in the state. The wishes of the people for equity had its way, and the gubernatorial slot for the 2015 governorship race  was zoned to Eket Senatorial District.

It is very important to put the record straight that it was not Governor Godswill Akpabio that singularly zoned the position to Eket Senatorial District as erroneously inferred in some quarters but credit must go to him for keying into the popular demand of the people and for being resolute in his admission that equity must prevail through zoning.

His Excellency, the Governor has demonstrated that he is a democrat of modern mien whose vision and mission gives plurality to the true meaning of democracy. Governor Akpabio’s purported manipulation of democratic tenets by way of attempted imposition of a personal candidate on the people as Governor of the State come 2015 is to me a hearsay. He has the right to vote for a person of his choice in any given election. He can also lobby people to vote for his preferred choice but not imposition. The Governor cannot impose any person on the people of Akwa Ibom State as his successor because he was not imposed on the people.

Whatever goes on in the rumour mill for now is part of things that puts colour and beauty to democracy but the fact remains that equity has come to play and stay in the body polity of Akwa Ibom State. Eket Senatorial District will produce the next Governor of the State but the mantle will fall on Eket Local Government Area. Eket Local Government Area is by providence the mother of the Senatorial District. Whatever is given to the district must start from Eket, because it is the third leg of the now abused political tripod of the state. The Area is noted, right from the days of Brigadier General U. J. Esune, for service   delivery. It has enough qualified manpower and competent administrators to run the affairs of the State to the admiration of the entire world.

Without prejudice, it will suffice to point out that since the creation of Akwa Ibom State in 1987, Eket is the only area that has been shortchanged in the sharing formula of the hilltop mansion even as Deputy Governor.

So, come soon, the people of Eket Senatorial District should give Eket Local Government Area the needed cooperation to produce Governor Akpabio’s successor. It is the just thing to do without any colouration of ethnicity and acrimony. Let us unite for the interest of the State. The mantle of leadership is ordained by God and He has destined Eket as a mother of twelve children to lead the entire State into a destination of abundance through industrialization, massive employment, unity, food security and peace come 2015.

Governor Godswill Akpabio has done the State proud through infrastructural development but we are yet to get to our destination as a people.

We long to see an Akwa Ibom State that will become a toast of other states in Nigeria, a State where its people will once again speak with one voice as in the days of Ibibio State Union, a State where peace will eternally reign in the heart of our people irrespective of tribe and tongue because of contentment, a State where its resourceful and brilliant youths will no longer settle for menial jobs in other climes because back at home there are job opportunities.

Eket is known for quality service and excellence, a Governor from Eket will not depart from the path of excellence via the instrumentalities of governance.

Definite signs you’ve been hacked BY ODUDU DECOX

In today’s threatscape, antivirus software provides little piece of mind. In fact, antimalware scanners on the whole are horrifically inaccurate, especially with exploits less than 24 hours old. After all, malicious hackers and malware can change their tactics at will. Swap a few bytes around, and a previously recognized malware program becomes unrecognizable.

To combat this, many antimalware programs monitor program behaviors, often called heuristics, to catch previously unrecognized malware. Other programs use virtualized environments, system monitoring, network traffic detection, and all of the above at once in order to be more accurate. And still they fail us on a regular basis.

“I will provide 50,000 jobs annually if elected governor” - Sen. Helen Esuene

“I will provide 50,000 jobs annually if elected governor” -  Sen. Helen Esuene
Senator Helen Esuene, a strong contender in the Akwa Ibom Gubernatorial race come 2015 has vowed to create at least 50,000 jobs annually for the teaming unemployed youths of the State if elected as Governor.

Speaking to newsmen in Eket on Thursday, the distinguished Senator representing Eket (Akwa Ibom South) Senatorial District in the red chambers of the National Assembly said that her promise to create jobs will be made possible through her industrialization policy and the establishment of trading clusters in all the 31 Local Government Areas of the State.

The Senator, who pundits describe as a possible successor to Governor Akpabio said further that the trading clusters will be built to encourage both skills acquisition and service delivery.
“Since it is almost impossible for government anywhere in the world to provide jobs for all of its people, we shall create the enabling environment through provision of facilities to our people to enable them start their own businesses”, she said, adding that industrialization will also play a prominent role in her employment plan.

Captain Ekong replies Nseowo over N500m counter-claim

Captain Ekong replies Nseowo over N500m counter-claim
Former Chairman of Nsit Ubium Local Government Area, Captain Iniobong Ekong (retd) has replied revered young newspaper editor, Ifreke Nseowo over his N500m lawsuit counter-claim. 

It could be recalled that the court had on May 5, 2014 give Ekong 15 days to reply to Nseowo’s counter-claim (mini-suit). Barr. Eddie Ntukidem, Nseowo’s legal representative who was only served Ekong’s reply at the court premises on Thursday, 22nd May, 2014 asked the court for adjournment to enable him study Ekong’s reply and do justice to it as is demanded.

The presiding judge, Justice Ifiok Ukana granted the request and adjourned the case to Thursday, 19th June, 2014.

Education, panacea for taxpaying culture – gov akpabio

Education, panacea for taxpaying culture – gov akpabio
In calling for advocacy and tax education for change in taxpayers’ attitude and moral, the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Chief Godswill Akpabio, has said taxpayer education is a panacea and an important component of the revenue administrations’ effort to build a taxpaying culture.

Chief Akpabio, who made this known on Wednesday during the 16th Annual Tax Conference of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria at Le Meridien Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort, Uyo, said Tax was not just a compulsory levy imposed on citizens by the government, but a civil responsibility, duty and expected obligation which every eligible citizen must perform.

Represented by his deputy, Lady Valerie Ebe, the Governor said “Tax compliance could be voluntary where there is good governance and tangible evidence of what government is doing with taxpayers’ money,” maintaining that accountability, transparency, rule of law participatory governance, were ingredients that build citizens’ trust and confidence in government to the extent of rendering their civic obligation and responsibility willingly.

A fine sword to the right man BY EVANGELIST USIENEMFON AKPAKPAN

A fine sword to the right man BY EVANGELIST USIENEMFON AKPAKPAN
It was George Orwell while speaking through the mouth of one of his characters in his epic novel, “The Animal Farm” that posited that all animals are equal but some are more equal than others. A renowned writer, William Shakespeare equally opined that some are born great, some attain greatness while some have greatness thrusted at them. And  the  bible captures it in the book of Romans 9:14-15 thus, ‘What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God? God forbid. For he said to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion’. The aforestated are factual statements that are true in their entirety. To add to these, I will love to state here that some individuals come into this world and whether by acts of commission or omission, they become bold signature within their generation.     

It is into the above moulds that our great and illustrious son, His Excellency, Chief (Dr.) Godswill Obot Akpabio, CON, the two-term governor of our dear state, Akwa-Ibom can be fitted. He was not only born great into the famous Akpabio’s family, he exhibited clear-cut leadership prowess wherever he found himself  which always translated into him occupying leadership positions, despite all the challenges at his early childhood. Right from his secondary school days to his days in higher institutions, he was always called upon to lead. He was not only a senior school prefect but he was equally, the Speaker Student Union Parliament,  University  of  Calabar,  where  he backed his degree in law. Where ever he went the mantle of leadership on his shoulders could not stop manifesting.

Crisis looms in Nsit Ubium …as community, CCECC clash over water

Crisis looms in Nsit Ubium
The youths being addressed by the police team
*    Indigenes stage protest, bar workers from site, block access road

There are indications that indigenes of Ikot Okobo in Nsit Ubium Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State may soon be staging a serious war against Chinese construction firm, CCECC if the company makes any further delay in providing for the community an alternate drinking water source, it was gathered.
The said indications gathered brighter prospects last Friday, when indigenes of Ikot Okobo community stormed the company’s work site in protest and barred the workers from going about their respective duties at the site, and upon not having any of the company’s official to listen to their plight and address them, the angry youths resorted to blocking the express road, thereby denying road users access to their respective daily businesses.

Our reporter who arrived the protest scene upon notification, shortly after the protest began gathered that the protest was consequent upon the fact that the company had, in an attempt to construct a culvert over a stream along the road under construction, polluted the water in the stream which according to the indigenes, was their only source of drinking water.

Speaking to community pulse, the community youth leader, Emmanuel Peter, stressed that the community has been deprived of their only source of drinking water for more than three months, attributing every fault to the company and its officials which they said, are all wicked and nonchalant in attitude.

Peter noted that upon noticing the water pollution, the community had written to the company, notifying them of the unfortunate development, while appealing to its management to find a way of providing the community with an alternate water source, but got no response from the company.

He said that upon not getting any response, the community had written to the company again, but this time, their reply was that it was within the powers of one Mr Mfon Abia to make such provision, as demanded by them, appealing to them to wait for the return of the said Abia who was out of state.

In a brief chat with our reporter in his palace, the village head of the community, Eteidung Udo Charles Akpan noted that the village is not against the kind gesture of the government to provide access roads to rural communities including them, but that the company has only made a mess of the government’s positive efforts by sealing their only source of drinking water, thereby starving them of water to drink and make food.

Eteidung Akpan also confirmed having written to the company’s management on two occasions, and even received a reply from them confirming that they had received their earlier written letter twice as each came, but still never responded to their plights, as stated in the letters, adding that it was for that reason that youths in the community got furious and decided to take the confrontational approach.
The village head said it’s been over two (2) months now since the youths began the agitation for a confrontational approach, but he kept aborting their every move, saying he is always pleading with them to be patient, but that on that day, the state of anger in the hearts of the youths was beyond his control.
Eteidung Akpan also said that the youths’ uncontrollable anger was consequent upon the fact that more than 10 indigenes had recently died of diseases suspected to be water borne, adding that some others had also fallen seriously ill through similar way.

He also hinted that apart from his community, about 7 other communities also drink of that same water, which he said, also links to each of the communities, adding that in individual terms, the company has for more than 3 months deprived more than six thousand rural dwellers of their natural right to have water.

He appealed on the state government to intervene and cause the company to provide an alternative to their blocked source of water, while calling on the company to act promptly to their demand by providing for them another water source, even if it is temporal, until they (the company) complete their work, and allow the water its usual free flow.

Our reporter also gathered that while at the road block, a team of policemen sent to scene by the area’s Divisional Police Officer, Ikechukwu Chidozie had called for calm on the part of the villagers, assuring them that their request will be granted.

Addressing the angry youths, the spokesman of the police team, Achang James commended the youths for showing maturity upon the arrival of the police team, and granting them their attention, adding that by that act, they have proven their confidence of fighting a just course.

Achang who, according to him, came with the message from the DPO however frown at the road block act by the youths, saying that it was ma step out of necessity, adding that the blocked road belongs to the federal government and not the company, hence, innocent citizens were the ones suffering the effect.
Achang pleaded with the youths to corporate with them and dismantle the road block, while assuring them that the DPO was already making plans to call for a peace meeting with the parties involved, asking them to get their delegation ready, pending the DPO’s invitation for the said meeting.

Uyo City Poly matriculates 2000 students …Introduces new courses

Uyo City Poly matriculates 2000 students …Introduces new courses

Uyo City Polytechnic last Friday matriculated 2000 students into various departments and faculties. This was in completion of the admission procedures required by the school to officially welcome the new intakes into ND1 and HND1.

The matriculation ceremony took place at the School Campus at Nduetong Oku in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.
Speaking at the event, the Proprietor of the Polytechnic who was represented by Mr. Enobong Etukudo commended the students for being successfully admitted into the School and charged them to take their studies serious. He advised them to desist from any form of violence and exploit the enabling environment given them to study, adding that the institution will not welcome violent activities.

Mr. Etukudo used the opportunity to thank those who have contributed in a way or the other to keep the flag of the polytechnic flying as well as the host community for their cooperation.

Pharmacist blessed Iroabuchi: -Adds to uncommon transformation

-Lights up Udotung Ubo

In the spirit of uncommon transformation agenda of the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Chief Godswill Obot Akpabio, A Pharmacist practising in the state, Pharm. Blessed Iroabuchi, had decided to provide street lights for residents of Udo Utung Ubo Street in the state capital.

In his statement on the uncommon initiative, Pharm Iroabuchi posited that, “I discovered the need for me to add to the uncommon transformation of the State Governor by lighting up the street where I am residing,” maintaining that he noticed that the street used to be very dark and lonely from 6.30pm, hence his resolve to install street lights from the Oron Road end of Udo Utung Ubo to Udo Umana end.

Robbery siege in Akwa Ibom:  * How SSS tracked Soni Udom attackers

Robbery siege in Akwa Ibom:  * How SSS tracked Soni Udom attackers

The Department of State Security (DSS), Akwa Ibom State Command has apprehended members of a high profile armed gang suspected to be responsible for the recent spate of robbery incidents in parts of Uyo metropolis.

Five of the six-member dare-devil gang who were paraded before newsmen by the State Director of DSS, Mr Toma Minti during a media briefing Tuesday at the headquarters of the Command in Uyo were Israel Doorlyor alias Igwe, Israel Istofanus, Aminu A. J. A. Madaki, Ibram Mohammed and Orseer Ramsey Pine. The sixth who is still at large is one Anas.

Mr Minti, who gave a graphic picture of the operations of the syndicate, said they were trailed to Benue, Plateau, Nasarawa and Rivers States before being finally apprehended in Port Harcourt.

2014 World Cup: Yes we can BY UBONG INYANG

June 12 1993 and June 12 2013 are similar dates in Nigeria known for negative reasons. Not only was the elections annulled in 1993, the worst happened in 2013 when the pinnacle of learning in the State, University of Uyo went on a fierce riot which led to the closure of the premises.

The mere mention of June 12 presently in 2014, will bring one thing on the minds of sports lovers. It will be the commencement of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. It is no longer news that our own Super Eagles earned their spot in group F alongside Iran, Bosnia and familiar foes, Argentina. Familiar foe in a sense that this is the third time in four World Cup appearances we are pitted in the same group with the South Americans losing all three by a single goal margin.

The road to qualification was relatively tough with a convincing 4-1 aggregate victory against Ethiopia over two legs.

With the Mundial three weeks away, preparations, inputs are amongst the numerous questions on the minds of Nigerians.

Moral lesson on Calabar Carnival BY JOY BASSEY

Moral lesson on Calabar Carnival BY JOY BASSEY
Calabar carnival festival in Nigeria, also tagged “Africa’s Biggest Street Party”, was created as a part of the vision of making the Cross River State in Nigeria, the number one tourist destination for Nigerians and tourist all over the world. The carnival which begins on every 1st December and last till 31st December has boosted the cultural mosaic of Nigeria people while entertaining the millions of spectators within and outside the state, and boosting industry for all stakeholders.

The Calabar carnival has come a long way. It all started 2004, when the governor of Cross River State, Mr. Donald Duke, had a vision of making his state the hub for tourism and hospitality in Nigeria and in Africa. The carnival presents a perfect platform from brand visibility for consumer and market awareness. “According to Osima-Dokubo, the carnival aimed to include more aspects of local heritage and culture and at the same time strengthen the capacity of the locals to participate in an economically beneficial way.” Recently, Cross River State and Calabar is aiming to become the pride of Nigeria or Africa as far as tourism, carnivals and hospitality is concerned.

On save Nigeria mission BY JOE INIODU

On save Nigeria mission BY JOE INIODU

A friend of this writer who deprecated the use of the word Nation for Nigeria asked, “Is Nigeria still a Nation?”. While his question couched in angry tone numbed me with trepidation, I reflected and reminisced over some of the patriotic lines in our National pledge to wit: “I pledge to Nigeria, my Country; To be faithful, loyal and honest;… To defend her unity; And uphold her honour and glory…” Today the Nation buckles under the thrall of depravity unleashed by Boko Haram insurgents. It is no longer a Nation of honour and glory; it is a Nation of bloodletting.

I had from the outset refused to join many to conjecture Boko Haram as a sect that was fanatical about moral/religious purity and the spread of Islam. I had from the beginning considered it a tool of political blackmail nursed and nurtured by promoters who are committed to delivering a specific agenda on behalf of a section of the country. My conclusion was persuaded by the fact that when that section saw Obasanjo’s ascension to the Presidency as their project, there was no Boko Haram. When late President Yar’Adua also came as its project, there was calm and quiet, despite the latter’s apparent lack of grit and loose grip on the affairs of the Country. But the emergence of a leader that the section considered to be not their own birthed a malignant tumour called Boko-Haram. The tempo of its operations became more vociferous after some political leaders proclaimed that they would make the country ungovernable if they lose elections. And the elections, they lost but refused to be graceful in defeat. Since then, the sect has been at the jugular of this Nation. And as an old proverb avers, if a witch cries in the night and the baby dies in the morning, one would not have difficulty knowing who to accuse.

Day Urueoffong/Oruko stood still for UOGF BY PAULINUS NNAH

Day Urueoffong/Oruko stood still for UOGF BY PAULINUS NNAH
Mrs Alice Ekpenyong making a speech  
There is no gainsaying that all roads led to Urue Offong/Oruko Local Government Area on the occasion of the formal inauguration of Urueoffong/Oruko Grassroots Foundation (UOGF) last Friday, May 16, 2014 at the Methodist Central School, Oyubia.

With the clement weather of the day, and indigenes gathering in expectant mood, the stage was set for the good people of Urue Offong/Oruko LGA to witness the groundbreaking event of inaugurating the socio-cultural group and swear in its national and ward excos.

At the occasion, the event’s chairman, Engr. Nso Nduonofit, roundly lauded the initiative of the body, and expressed hope that inventiveness will bring about the much needed unity and harmony of people of Urueoffong/Oruko, especially in the present political atmosphere in the area and the state at large.

Family gets village head

Family gets village head
Obong Offiong Sunday Akpan Enang(JP)
The family of Nnung Edung of Afaha Ikot Obio Nkan, Ibesikpo Asutan Local Government Area has installed a new family head. He is Obong Offiong Sunday Akpan Enang(JP).

Presenting the new family head, the chairman of Nnung Udo Umana, Chief Otuekong Eyo Akpanenang, expressed happiness over the turnout of the three families that make up Nnung Edung, namely, Nnung Udo Umana, Nnung Udo Afaha and Nnung Essien Udo, for the occasion of Ukong Udak(the traditionaql installation ceremony) and acceptance by the large family of their representative as the head of the family.

Performing the ceremony, Chief Edet Ekpoe Udo, Patron of Nnung Udo Umana, charged the new family head to be up and doing and lead with the fear of God.

Oko-Ita village inaugurates caretaker committee to run youth body

Following a stalemate in the just conducted election into the executive committee of its youth body, the Oko Ita village council has inaugurated a seven-man caretaker committee headed by Sunday Udo Akpan to run the affairs of the Oko-Ita youth development association pending the successful conduct of an acceptable election. In a statement dated 17th March, 2014, the election committee chairman, Mr. Joe Attai alleged that the election venue was infiltrated by suspected cultists and touts sponsored by a few misguided persons to disrupt the smooth and peaceful conduct of the election. Other members of the committee included, Joe Attai, Utibe Udo, and Anietimfon Edem.

The election committee chairman accordingly declared the election inconclusive, saying that the caretaker committee will run the affairs of the association until normalcy returns to the village.

Why Akpabio is angry with President Jonathan BY ETORO-OBONG INYANG.

Why Akpabio is angry with President Jonathan BY ETORO-OBONG INYANG.
By the time you would have finished flipping through the pages of this newspaper, Governor Godswill Akpabio would have finished executing one PDP assignment or the other. If the governor was not representing the vice president at the Ekiti PDP governorship campaign rally, he either would have returned from a trip with the president to Sokoto, Kano, or Katsina all in the name of PDP and love for his country.

Akpabio’s personality and mien mean different things to different persons, he was among the first set of persons to have openly declared support for President Jonathan’s second term bid in 2015. He is said to be the one-man drafting committee bankrolling the PDP. His one million naira lunch money to PDP Zonal executives almost sold him out as a reckless spender as his was media-hyped beyond proportion. The ambitious lawyer-turned politician has been through the waters and fires of political gossips and blackmails severally without being consumed. It is him that was rumoured to be behind the falls of Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, Ahmed Gulak, and the disintegration of the once powerful and influential governors’ forum of Nigeria. Today, Chief Godswil Akpabio-scion of the famous and revered Akpabio family in Essien Udim has towered as a political gladiator across the length and breadth of our country. He is perceived as one of the closet governors to President Jonathan. He has the ears of the President at will. He heads the finance committee of the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP. 

The battle of Scotland

The battle of Scotland
Writing about the Super Eagles, her preparations for the World Cup and expectations have become so worrisome in recent times with regards to the hurdles, distractions to the build up and of recent, the rag tag army Keshi has proudly rolled out as a provisional squad filled with bench warmers, injured players, a calamity goalkeeper and some inform players, while leaving out our best striker due to personal reasons.

The journey to Brazil officially begins this week on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 as the Eagles begin their final lap of preparations against Scotland at Fulham Craven Cottage as the game against Gordon Strachan’s side will take place six days before Nigeria face World Cups bound Greece in another warm-up game in Philadelphia, United States.

Nigeria last met Scotland in 2002, when the Super Eagles came from behind to win 2-1 in Aberdeen.